In Business You Need The Mindset To Create And Not Compete

learn to create not competeAlways choose to create instead of compete, this under any and all circumstances in life and business. This if you’re wanting to come out ahead and succeed among your peers. What our mindsets are programmed to do however, is to compete to win.

What the spirit of competition creates is a false security because you’re fighting with others, for the scraps which are inside the environment. You’re battling in a predetermined outcome. You might win or you might lose, but playing a pawns game nonetheless.

So choose to be a creator instead. What you’re then doing is making all the rules, you’re creating the environment where the competitors battle for their worth. Once you learn to create, then you’ll never need to fight for scraps again.

Once you decide to become the game maker, you can then make a fortune. If you choose to compete with others, which is an ego play showing that you’re better than them, then you’ll barely scrape out a living.

The Mind That Creates
One of the most amazing and yet frustrating aspects about being an entrepreneur, is that you’re afforded the opportunity to create something new from scratch, this on a daily basis.

So if you’re an author, you design websites, write software, develop information, build rocket ships, what you’re doing is creating and not competing. Your getting your original ideas and goods out to the world.

There are some commonalities, similar traits that all successful entrepreneurs who are creators, those who’s built multi-million dollar empires, all have in common.


What’s defined is that all creators have the ability to bring something new, something that’s never been seen before to the marketplace.

To Develop Something New
So it turns out that it has nothing to do with luck, or education, but more a blend of characteristics which vaults those who create, to higher levels of success.

Although not everyone is able to grow their creation into a multi-million dollar business, but if you write new articles, developed a medical app, compose music, there are certain traits that you have in common.

Filling A Gap
What’s known is that creators are extremely inquisitive. It’s known that the older we get, the fewer questions we ask. That a typical five-year-old will ask around 100 questions a day.

By the time we reach our 40’s, we ask three to five questions daily. So by constantly asking, keeping curious, what creators will do is find gaps in hardships, and then fill them.

Forward Thinking
What successful creators do is spend their time focusing on forward thinking, this rather than reflecting on what they’ve done in the past, as they know the past is history.

For instance, someone who’s forward thinking is on a diet, and have lost 15 of the 25 pounds they’re wanting to lose so far. What they look forward to is losing the additional 10 pounds sometime soon.

For those who aren’t forward thinking, what they’ll do is reward themselves for losing the 15 pounds, this by patting themselves on the back and then have a burger to reward themselves, which is completely contradicting.

Have A Solid Decision Making Process
What successful creators have is a systematic method when it comes to making decisions, a loop where they’re constantly observing what they do, then orient themselves, formulating a plan on deciding what to do next, then they’ll take action.

What they become proficient at is performing these steps quicker than anyone else, which potentially changes the dynamics of their objectives. Successful creators are constantly updating their assumptions, making it easier for them to move from one step to the next.


Fail As Brilliantly As Possible
Those who create are incredibly resilient, as what they expect are incremental failures, this since they know mistakes happen. They also don’t allow these failures to compound themselves, so they won’t become catastrophic.

Once creators begin to test out a new idea, what they set is a failure ratio, a variance for making mistakes, this by providing room for a number of wrong attempts, this so they won’t be disappointed. Those who compete will usually give up the first time they fail.

What creators do is welcome this failure and see them as challenges, as they realize they don’t live in a perfect world. So what they’ve perfected is a method to quickly move away from their ideas or theories which don’t work, and then try something different.

The Networking Of Ideas
What creators will do is bring similar types of different thinkers together, this to solve problems. What they’re looking for is cognitive diversity, and will tend to collaborate with other groups of unlikely people, who has the same objectives.

These networking groups can be compared to a flash mob. What these like minded individuals and groups are able to do is quickly come together to solve a problem. They get to work, brainstorm, and then disband.

What these flash teams have is a specific dynamic that’s not competitive but creative, as they work well together while also working productively and cooperatively.

Pay It Forward
The characteristic of the successful creators mindset isn’t to compete with others, nor is it to cheat or steal to get ahead. They would rather pass it forward with acts of kindness or favors to others.

What creators care about is their partners and colleagues that they work with, along with their customers, while they’re wanting to see their idea or project come to fruition.

What these efforts and exchanges of generosity does is creates a threefold multiplier effect. To become a successful creator, all facets of these skill sets need to be applied. They can be learned, so any idea can be turned into something that works.

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