Why You Need Resistance Training For A Bigger Stronger Body

why resistance training is neccesaryOnce we decide to work out, what we strive for is a bigger better stronger body with well defined muscles. We seek to build a beautiful body or a muscular physique that our peers will drool over. The best way is to just get it done, decide to work hard to get fit.

One of the more recognized and affordable ways which offers maximum results, is by doing resistance training. What this does is opposes the body and the muscles by forcing pressure, pushing resistance against them, this to challenge them to grow.

What resistance training involves are exercise activities which uses weights, weight machines, and ones body weight such as push ups, which are the most easiest and cost effective method to encourage the muscles to develop, forcing them to intensify.

Resistance training is also referred to as strength training or weight training. Doing so is one of the most effective known ways to achieve muscle gain and tone, while also improving the cardiovascular system.

What Is Resistance Training
This type of training is usually associated with athletes, who needs to build up muscle mass to coordinate strength. Most think that once resistance training is performed, that the muscles will just bulk up and grow exponentially.

The actual truth being that it won’t. Resistance training isn’t about inflating up to having massive bulging muscles but instead to increase the structural strength of the body, while becoming stronger and more defined.

These exercises can be performed by anyone, any type of body condition or age group. What it basically does is builds then keeps the muscles strong and active, while giving the entire body a better furnished look.

This type of training program is advised and the choice for the elderly. The most common resistance training programs recommended for seniors, are standing free weights resistance training, and moderately intensive seated machine training.

How Resistance Training Works
A resistance training program employs the use of various exercise machines and equipment, such as the bench press combined with free weights such as dumbbells or barbells.

Once the equipment is used, what happens is the muscles in the body are pitted against the weight. The cells in the body then adapts to the extra weight. This results in hypertrophy or the enlarging of the nerve cells, this to help the muscle contract and enlarge.

Getting Ready For Training
Before starting any type of resistance training, it’s best to consult with a health adviser, this especially for those who may have certain medical conditions, or are extremely unfit.

Please note that this training isn’t something that you should begin on your own. What needs to be understood are the proper usage of the equipment for your muscles and body type. The body also needs to be properly conditioned before lifting the weights.

Resistance training can also be performed without expensive equipment or a gym membership, as doing push ups or sit ups, are the best examples which offers the greatest results.

You can do these practically anywhere, where there’s enough space for you to maneuver. This is when your own body weight is challenging the muscles. Those who have limited time or resources, are best suited to perform this type of training.

Increases Bone Mineral Density
What the bones are constantly doing is remodeling themselves, as the tissues break down and then simultaneously builds back up again. The peak of this remodeling period occurs during puberty.

As one begins to age, issues with this bone mineral density intensifies, as the remodeling isn’t as active as before. This especially becomes a problem for post-menopausal women.

Since bone mineral density is supported by the hormones, the problem becomes not producing enough hormones to maintain proper bone mineral density, so doing physical activity such as resistance training, becomes the next best option.


What this training does is increases strength, such as developing stronger bones which are then capable of supporting bigger muscles, which develops at the same time.

Range Of Activity
Once our bodies become strong enough to handle considerable amounts of weight, what we do is more strenuous activity, where our bones, joints, and muscles gets accustomed to the constant movement.

What then happens is that once we being to age, we’re less likely to become lazy or inactive, while living a more fulfilling life.

Reduces Body Fat
What lifting weights against our muscles does, is it motivates the body into forward moving perpetual motion, which in effect burns off unwanted fat.

What this resistance does, is it tones up the body so the muscles become better defined, as you’ll begin to look and feel better as well.

Body Composure For Seniors
For the elderly, undergoing any type of resistance training does is it helps in improving mobility, while decreasing the risks which are associated with growing older.

Resistance training builds confidence allowing one to become more independent, so they won’t need to rely on assistance to do everyday tasks as their bodies strengthens, while decreasing the risk of injuries.

What this training also does is lowers the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, while reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease considerably.

Proper Training
One request is doing resistance training properly on a set routine basis. The key is consistency, as the results of any muscle gain won’t be immediately obvious.

What’s also required is doing the routines correctly, this by a designated personal trainer or physiotherapist, as not performing them properly can result in injury.

The key is to take your time while conscientiously doing the repetitions to their full capacity, performing them one step at a time. As your fitness begins to improve, then progress to more challenging routines are recommended.

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