Our Attempt To Find Sanity In The Digital World We Live In

We’re all vulnerable because we want to feel better about ourselves, which is the “hot button” the mainstream media preys on. What we constantly seek is to be accepted, to be liked, to carve out a life that’s worthwhile. We want to be remembered by others.

What we wish for before our demise, is we’ll be able to look back and reflect on our lives and see it was well spent, that it mattered.

So every once in a while, often in the midst of living our busy lives, what we do is reflect.

We take notes on where we are in life, if we’re on track. Is our life how we expected it to be.

Media 24/7

Once we look around, at every turn, there’s the media, advertisers, the slick seduction of the marketers, attempting to constantly influence us.

Everyone is ready to sell us something which verifies our life is worthwhile. What shrewd advertising does is violates our vulnerabilities and dreams.

Without we ever realizing it, what these advertisements do is provide promises and dreams which becomes our expectations.

Media sets the standards, they set the guidelines on how we judge ourselves and behave. They feed our insatiable need to be happy with our empty lives.

The Persistent Digital Age

The information age is nothing but white noise, which is defined as noise which contains a variety of frequencies, all with equal intensities.

With the perpetual nonstop 24/7 broadcasting of news, entertainment, reality programming, the Internet and its evil stepchild social media. The digital biosphere becomes overwhelming.

What we now expect with a click of a mouse which directs us to Facebook, is constant amazement, awe, entertainment, entrapment, as our life becomes fulfilled.

This because something that novel or compelling in our everyday lives outside digital, rarely happens to us.

The “real” news programs claim what they’re waiting for is something to happen, but instead they’ll fabricate their own opinion.

What digital footprints does is lasts forever, as there’s nothing that leaves more of a permanent imprint than that disappearing photo on Snapchat.

What we’ve traded our notions of character in for are our social media profiles, the peer-to-peer social dialog regarding issues, policies, and programs.

Our lives have been reduced to likes, screams, selfies, and short form videos, our opinions limited to 280 characters or less.


Our Overwhelming Unexpected Life

What then happens is our hopes, our expectations become unrealistic.

We expect our cars to drive themselves, to earn unjustified amounts of residual income, superfoods to nourish us, and that little blue pill to make us feel good.

Beautiful flawless women and buff shirtless men with perfect buttocks and muscles, hawk everything from magical weight loss pills to salad dressing.

Everyone everywhere is now forever young, fertile, and brilliant, and anyone can be as well, provided you buy the detergent they’re advertising, or consume the right energy drink.

This Ever Accelerating Life

A 12 year old now has their own smartphone, which has more information at their fingertips than a library filled with encyclopedias ever did.

Technology has brought a seismic shift in access, communication, and economic opportunity. Diseases are now instantly identified and solved. Cures are discovered.

The literacy rates have skyrocketed, access to health care and prosperity are steadily on the rise.

Our happiness has remained stagnant however. The rate of depression, anger, negativity, hate, lack of trust still persists.

What technology exposes is the brutality, incivility and the mistrust. What’s needed is a change of heart.

Programmed Mind Control

What we’re constantly bombarded with is the forever nonstop media and advertising blitzes. All designed to shift our mindsets on the framework of what we think is normal or ideal.

What crafty advertising offers is a new sense, a different viewpoint and perspective on the norm.

What we now expect are lithe nubile women to be around everywhere. We want rugged men with a five-a-clock shadow who are smart and sensitive, to be able to fix a leaky faucet.

We fail as parents, unless our kids get straight “A’s” or win first prize at the track meet. They’re thin and sleek while being acne-free.

We expect glittering flawless perfection from ourselves, public figures, and products.

Media Dictates What We Think

Although we think we’re perfect, the rest of the world on the Internet however are war-torn migrants, racists who holds entire countries hostage, where the police are killed and kills.

Genocide happens over and over, while we turn our backs to the modern slave trade.

What we expect is life to be tragic and brutish because the Internet said so, as we helplessly retreat to the safety of e-commerce.

Our fingertips control millions of search results, as we hold on tight to the truth which supports whichever halo we long for, or the shadows we fear.

Living In Accordance

What modern day technology does is connects us, which can also bring the good of the world within our grasp. What it also does is delivers promises it can’t keep.

Modern technology strictly furnishes our basest and cheapest desires, which leaves us awash when it comes to the worst aspects of humanity.

As we attempt to make sense of things, it becomes easy to be tempted by the images and ideals that’s been repackaged as adjuncts to our well-being and happiness.

Most often, the promises are just efforts to sell us something, and rarely advances our wholesomeness.

Stay True To Yourself

The only things we can claim in our life is our character and integrity. Never downgrade yourself because of fear, desire, or circumstance.

Never break down to the point you get chained to the standards that are set by others.

Once we align ourselves to our higher self, we can then better self-restrain ourselves, soften anger, practice frugality, sympathize poverty without prejudice.