Know The True Nature Of Your Life Before Reinventing Yourself

how to reinvent yourselfSo you want a new you, you want to reinvent yourself into someone different. The key is knowing who you are first and then knowing what you’re capable of. You need to know your strengths, your weaknesses, what you’re passionate about, to reveal your story.

Once you realize this, you’ll then have an idea far you can go, this once you begin looking out into the world, the horizon, to see what’s going on, what it has to offer, what type of role that you can play, and then match yourself up with all of the opportunities that exists.

But this is your greatest challenge, and that’s to accurately self evaluate yourself as honestly as possible, as what most have the tendency to do is forge the illusion that they’re actually better than they are.

You’re Not That Great
The belief being that you’re better than others, that you’re above average in looks and smarts when it comes to your abilities, when you’re just mediocre, so it becomes important to be as honest as possible.

When assessing yourself, you need to take a deep look into the mirror to find who you are and what you really have, what you’re capable of, this to truly transform your reinvention.

So when realizing your dreams, also get accurate feedback from those who care about your welfare, those who really know you, those you trust. Then prepare yourself to get some honest painful brunt criticism which might sting. You’ll then get an accurate unbiased gauge of where you stand.

The Reinvention Should Be The True You
Those who specialize in reinvention claims that what we should be doing is finding a concordance, a balance between what we’re passionate about, and the goals that we chase.


Too often, our future plans are influenced by others, we take the input that our friends, partner, or parents want. All of these external pressures can easily detach you from your core values.

So if you don’t know who you are, and just accept the opinions of others, then a decade from now, you’ll find yourself saying, “I hate my life, I don’t like what I’m doing.”

Working Towards The Reinvention
These same experts claim that those who are intrinsically motivated, those who work towards the things which they find personally fulfilling, are usually a lot more satisfied with their lives.

This rather than the individuals who are extrinsically motivated, those who strive just to please or impress others, the outside world, with a lofty job title that they hate.

Those who are intrinsically motivated are also the ones who are more than likely to achieve and reach their personal goals.

It was found that those who had self-concordant goals, were likely to make steady progress, this since they were more likely to devote sustained effort despite all of the distractions and obstacles.

How Realistic Is Your Reinvention
Before you’re able to reshape what your future is going to be, you need to take inventory of your current life. You need to decide exactly how much you’ll need to change to reach the reinvention that you want. Do you think you have it in you.

Does Your Goals And Your Values Match
What you may have settled on is the idea of traveling the world, or building your own house. But are you that adventurous thrill seeker, or the do-it-yourself type.

If your goal doesn’t match what your values are, then you’ll encounter roadblocks leading towards motivational issues, while also feeling less fulfilled, even if you do happen to achieve your goals.

Does Your Goals Conflict With Your Other Priorities
If you commit yourself to reaching that corner office with a view, which will bring you prestige, doing so could potentially take precious time away from your relationships and hobbies.


So what you need to consider are the sacrifices that you’re willing to make in your pursuit, while knowing and realizing exactly what you’re giving up or setting aside before you begin.

Is This Long-term Goal For All The Right Reasons
Once you know what you’re strengths are, you’ll then know what you’ll need to work on and overcome, this to keep your personality from distracting or blocking your dreams.

For instance, what you can’t stand is to lose under any circumstances, that you can’t accept any degree of failure. You persist even when you should stop. If you happen to have a reactionary mentality, then you’re more exposed to the vagaries of risk.

Are You Satisfied With Each Step You Take
Does the actions you take get you into a state of flow or flux, does your focus put you in the zone. That you derive satisfaction from all of your efforts, even if you’re not able to completely reach your objectives.

How Bad Do You Really Want It
What you need to do is force yourself to envision your future, knowing that you’ll eventually revert back to a baseline which is your comfort zone, this once you experience success.

Would that mansion in the country really be better than renting a penthouse apartment in the city, this once you consider the daily commute, maintaining the house, and considering the steep monthly mortgage payments.

Dissect and discuss these issues with yourself and those you know, and then try to imagine what your future self may feel like.

Is It Within Your Grasp
If you’re able to take specific and practical steps to reach your goal, then you’re well on your way. What it will require is overcoming challenges such as your health, relationships, or location, so always plan before you act.


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