Natural Foods Which Will Instantly Raise Your Energy Levels

someoneeatinghealthynutsasasnackMost will tend to get a tad tired mid morning or sometime in the afternoon as that’s when the energy levels will take a nosedive, and the motivation begins to sputter out. That’s when most will attempt a quick fix to solve this by grabbing something unhealthy for that much needed kick.

But know that even if another cup of coffee or a doughnut can give you a lift, that they’re not the true solution long term. Other choices might be a chocolate bar or a cookie for a quick energy rush which are also just temporary.

Realize that these jolts of energy from convenient vending machine snack foods, baked goods, or infused beverages are just filler solutions, which provides for a short lived rush that’s quickly followed by a sugar crash, making you feel even more exhausted.

So the solution is choosing healthy sustainable food choices which will:
• Naturally energize you because of their high fiber content
• Provide lean sources of protein
• Contain complex carbohydrates, or whole grains

Getting energized by consuming natural sugars are far more effective at putting that pep back into your step without getting tired later.

The Most Effective Natural Energy Foods
Awesome Are Those Oats
There’s a reason why oatmeal is considered one of the top recommended food sources for breakfast. It’s a dieticians best friend since it has the perfect fiber content to fuel your day off right.

A hot bowl of oatmeal will instantly energize and power you through the hectic morning without feeling any side effects. Foods such as oats which are high in healthy fiber will digest slower, so there’s no need for that mid morning crash and then craving for poor snacks.


The Greeks Know Their Yogurt
One proven lean mean source of extremely healthy protein is Greek yogurt. What it provides is two times the protein of regular yogurt, the reason why it makes for such an excellent breakfast.

You can mix it together with oats or homemade granola, or make a powerful energy dip by blending in cucumber, garlic, and lemon for tasty Tzatziki, excellent for a late afternoon snack.

The Best Is Bananas
Talk about a convenient energy punch which is the banana. This the reason why bananas are considered nature’s perfect snack food. Each bite is extremely high in fiber, potassium and the B vitamins, which provides energy to the brain.

Also, if you happen to skip breakfast on occasion, you can just eat a banana or two in the car, after a workout, or on the way to that meeting. You can easily pair it with a cup of Greek yogurt for a well-rounded protein punch.

Say Yes To Salmon
Although not exactly a snack, but fish, especially wild salmon is considered brain food and for good reason, as it’ll boost the activity in the brain because of it’s high content of omega-3 fatty acids.

This particular excellent healthy fat is credited with providing energy, improving memory and increasing mood, while reducing feelings of exhaustion.

Dark Leafy Green Salads
Dark and green should be the base of any salad that you eat. If you just eat regular and routine iceberg lettuce, know that you’re missing out on a major energy source which are the darks.

So instead, choose kale or baby spinach as a lunch salad as what these particular greens contain are extremely high amounts of fiber, vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids. They can also be used in soups, rice dishes, and sauces giving them additional kick.

Choosing Chickpeas
Chickpeas are singled out because it’s found that they’re a perfect combination of protein and fiber which balances blood sugar, while keeping you full during the day.

This is the reason for preparing a delicious homemade hummus dip. Begin by blending garbanzo beans, fresh garlic, olive oil and lemon juice, which becomes that perfect energy booster. Then slice some raw veggies or grab a pita and the hummus for a quick energy snack in the afternoon.


Pure Natural Nut Butter
Recommended natural healthy nuts include: almonds, soy nuts, cashews and peanuts, which all provide for a much needed energy lift. What nut butter provides are excellent carbohydrates and satiating protein which satisfies your need for a mid day snack.

Spread a tablespoon on whole wheat pita bread, or on dark rye toast to keep you active and alert during the mid morning.

There’s Always Pistachios
Natural unsalted pistachios on their own are packed full of protein as well as being high in much needed fiber, along with fats which are heart healthy, which keeps your body and brain in peak shape. Munching on a handful of pistachios just contains 100 calories.

All In For Almonds
Almonds are tasty, crunchy, portable, and extremely high in the essentials such as fiber, vitamin B and magnesium. This is one snack which is capable of quickly converting into energy which you so desperately need during the day.

There are studies which support that the energy which are derived from almonds alone are capable of boosting energy for working out, as it raises metabolism levels which burns calories.

Natural Air Popped Popcorn
What’s not recommended are the instant microwave variety of popcorn or the soggy buttery type which is available at the local theater. But rather the whole grain popcorn which is naturally air popped, which are the healthiest.

So for an excellent snack, look for natural popcorn at the local health store or grocer which lists whole grain carbohydrates because they add fiber. Then instead of using butter or margarine, choose to use a splash of olive oil, sea salt, or dried dill instead, this to keep your blood sugar from plummeting during the afternoon.


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