Natural Proven Cures For Reducing Panic Attacks And Anxiety

how to battle panic attacks and anxietyPanic attacks are very real and can be a frightening occurrence, and for some, they can effect the quality of their lives, dragging them down from the simple everyday enjoyment of life. If you’ve ever experienced a panic attack, then you realize the terror which can accompany them.

It can become a crippling fear which will most likely occur again, and if not treated, strike without warning. If you’ve experienced any forms of panic attacks, then feel comfort in knowing that there are ways of controlling them.

The symptoms at times can be as severe as experiencing heart palpitations and extreme sweating, as the symptoms and the sensation are similar to you losing complete touch with reality, the feeling of impending doom, and these are just the physical symptoms.

The most severe of incidences can put you in the emergency room, but doing so isn’t considered proper treatment. To control these panic attack symptoms, the best advice is to somehow prevent them in the first place.

Options Of Preventing Panic Attacks
The first option should be consulting a physician regarding treatment. Some of the current medication available can help reduce panic attacks or severe anxiety from reoccurring.

Another option is cognitive behavior therapy, which involves the utilization of visualization, relaxation, and breathing techniques which can fend off the symptoms once they occur.

Perhaps the best is just facing the fears. For some, gradually confronting the fright situations which causes the attacks can usually help in stopping them.

Chronic Panic Attacks
Chronic panic attacks or panic disorders are considered a serious medical condition which can drastically reduce the quality of one’s livelihood.

They’re not necessarily considered a permanent condition however, and it’s thought they can be treated successfully. Just knowing that there’s help out there at times can be comforting enough.

Proven Natural Ways Of Reducing Panic Attacks And Anxiety

Taking Routine Breaks
What just working too hard without taking regular breaks does is it builds up stress and tension. Make sure you get a 15 minute breather in the morning, and then one in the afternoon, while taking a full hour for lunch.

If at all possible, eat lunch away from the office, especially your desk. If you have a lot to juggle in your life right now, give yourself a break by taking a day or the weekend off.

Get some breathing space, some breathing room will really help. Even just taking a day off midweek will enable you to get some distance from all of the problems, while helping you to gather your thoughts.

Getting Regular Exercise
Exercise has proven to relieve stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. What exercise does is it releases endorphins which gives your system a natural boost. It also provides an excellent break from dwelling on all of the issues at hand.

The best type of exercises are the competitive cardio based ones which will take your breath and your mind away. Less strenuous solitary exercises such as weight lifting, stationary bikes, or treadmills, may not be able to alter your state of mind.

So competitive sports such as tennis, squash, running, and circuit training, are all excellent forms. It becomes important that you don’t continue to dwell while you exercise so you can benefit both mentally and physically.

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself
Take it easy and stop beating yourself up. What self induced self-deprecation plays is a huge part when it comes to stress, panic attacks, and anxiety. Each time that you blame yourself, what you’re doing is eroding your confidence and self-esteem.

Never tell yourself that you’re worthless, useless, hopeless, boring, and not good enough. Never convince yourself why you think others don’t like you, or want to be around you, and that you’re better off just being alone.


You’d never deem it acceptable to say these things to others, especially your children, so you need to realize that it’s equally unacceptable to say it to yourself.

Although they’re just words and phrases in your mind, they’re extremely powerful and can hurt you. Accept that you’re not perfect and you’re working on it, that you make mistakes, just like anyone else.

Just cut yourself some slack and be nice to yourself. From this day forward, make a pact with yourself that you’ll never indulge in any type of self-deprecation again, ever.

Avoid Getting Too Isolated
Isolation at times can become an issue which is experienced by anxiety sufferers and those who have panic attacks, although there are times when you need to be alone.

During these alone times, what you’ll usually dwell on and constantly obsess are all your problems over and over again, depressing yourself further on whatever you may be facing.

So choose to use this time better. Occupy your mind with positive thoughts, read a book or do a hobby such as painting, do whatever passion that you enjoy, which will help take your mind off things.

This way, during the times of turmoil, this quiet alone time will help you grow instead of causing you further panic.

The News Is Horrible
This in form of television, print, and the Internet, all can contribute to giving you a daily hit of negativity, which can elevate your state of panic. They’ll focus on the bad, such as: crime, corruption, natural disasters, and scandal, giving you a distorted view.

Just give yourself a break from these sources which drip feeds your mind with worry, and learn to avoid them as much as possible. What you’ll eventually find is that they have no place in your life, and you won’t miss it either.

There are ways, natural methods which can help you in reducing stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. It’s in your best interest to try them out, as they’ll help in boosting your mood while beating the blues.

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