Confessions Of A Business Warrior And The Art Of Winning Battles

how to win your business battlesDid you know that there’s close to 40% percent of your seemingly loyal employees including all your executives, managers, and team leaders, who at this very moment are looking for a better opportunity, this according to one of the premiere online job search companies.

These are usually discrete postings from job-seekers who wish to remain anonymous, not wanting to reveal their identity. What’s been singled out as the main reason is “poor communication” from their employer, why they’ve submitted their voluntary departure.

There’s usually a wide gap in alignment when it comes to the corporate ownership, the CEO, their management team and the employees, which results in higher turnover, higher expenses, and most importantly lost profits.

The biggest issue according to the CEO’s of the world is that although they realize and are concerned about losing good people, they just don’t have the time to mentor. They’re also aware that there are communication gaps, and know that their key talent are often overworked and under appreciated.

The Consequences Of Inaction
Another big concern for these top producing employees is that their personal growth is rarely addressed. The consequences of this neglect is resignation, resulting in employee turnover, which can also result in potential loss of market reputation.

What true success relies on is a clear distinct path, consistency, and innovation. The path to success can often come from unusual and at times forgotten sources.

Paving The Road Towards Corporate Domination
Business should always be viewed as a battle, on a battlefield. A battle to reach your objectives. The battle becomes keeping your key talent from leaving by keeping them happy. Above all, it becomes a battle of beating out and dominating the competition.

The Principles Of Winning The Battle
Be Objective – Make sure that you direct all of your actions towards a clearly decisive, defined, and attainable objective. Where real leadership begins is from the top of the organization and from the very start.

To engage your employees better, what needs to be communicated precisely is what your company objectives are, what your “mission statement” is, this because it’s a battle you can’t win alone.

Taking The Offensive – Seize, then retain and exploit the initiative. Once you’ve determined your objectives, and your employees are clear about them, then your team should be ready to seize the opportunities which arises in your marketplace.

Becoming Effective – Identify all of your priorities while establishing the details of your objectives. Make sure that you focus your time, energy, and money precisely on the primary objectives that you’ve set out, this without neglecting any details or lowering your priorities.

Be As Efficient As Possible – Determine what the most efficient use of your employees are, as this is where personal growth also comes into play. Know whom to assign what project to, this based on their strengths.

What you need is a fair and equitable system of determining what their individual and unique goals are. Select who your innovators, communicators, and organizers are, and then fit each employee who has the best strengths to meet these objectives.

Adapt And Improvise – Put your competition in a position of weakness by the flexible application of your resources. With the right personnel in the proper places, you’ll then be able to maximize every opportunity.

Once you communicate your objectives and combine them with the strengths of your employees, they’ll engage better whenever you need them.

United Leadership– For every new challenge, make sure that there’s synergy among your leadership group. Know exactly who should be leading a particular objective, while constantly communicating your collective goals.

Become aligned and be completely engaged with your employees by investing and unifying the leadership group tailored to their strengths.


Keep The Best While Maximizing The Rest – Never allow the competition to take an advantage. If you fail to actively recruit your key employees, then they or someone else will. So continue to address their personal growth.

Once knowing what their unique strengths are, you can then benefit by having a more clearer definition if they’re suited for that particular position. The end result is less employee turnover, as hiring and training new employee’s is one of the biggest expenses which directly takes a bite out of profits.

Be As Innovative As Possible – Always prepare yourself so you’ll be able to strike at a precise place, time, and at a moments notice, this in a particular manner where your competition is completely unprepared.

This principle can’t be properly activated if you don’t know what the unique strengths of your key employees are. With the alignment of strength placed into action, you can then maximize the hidden opportunities which arises in your market.

Keep It Simple – When preparing a plan, be clear, concise, and precise. Keep the process of execution as simple as possible by accurately directing orders, this to ensure that everyone completely understands their role.

Once you align the goals of your employees to your company’s goals, then they’ll be ready to engage and work as a team. So make sure that you constantly and clearly communicate the objectives of your company.

Putting All This Into Action
Dominating your niche, getting your fair market share isn’t easy. What you need is a precise system which determines the unique strengths of your employee’s, while addressing their personal growth, and then fitting them into your company protocol.

This insight then allows you to match ability with action. Are your organizers innovating, and are your innovators organizing. Having the proper tools in the toolbox for the right job isn’t just reserved for mechanics.

Engage your workforce by helping them achieve their own personal success. This will then transform your company and management team into a higher aligned and a much more profitable organization.

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