New Methods Of SEO Attraction For Your Online Web Efforts

why you need to know about seoThe Internet world like anything else is in constant motion when it comes to the digitization of your online marketing site and business. So what’s required is you to focus your efforts on gaining more credibility in your site’s content, while concerting your shift towards mobile technology.

Attempting to rank your site on the top of the natural search engines has now become one of the biggest riddles of SEO. You could spend weeks perfecting the best possible site and ranking strategy, and then Mr. Google will suddenly change the rules on what they expect from a site, overnight.

All of your efforts are then out the window as any significant change can quickly diminish all the effort and time which the online marketers put in, placing you on the brink of frustration and sheer exhaustion.

It’s now generally agreed upon that it’s become a difficult battle just to obtain any type of ranking in the search engines unless you’re a dominant authority site with teeth.

Google’s goal is to ultimately serve search results which are precisely targeted for the keyword that’s being searched for. To accomplish this, they don’t care about you, the marketer, as they’re attempting new methods of reaching their objectives, this to retain their market share.

There are experts in the field, however, who believe that there are still ways of getting and then remaining on the top of the search rankings for your site, product, service, or keyword.

Go Mobile Or Go Home
The major search engines have seen the shift, the use of mobile devices have increased five fold in the past few years alone. What these mobile users will do is quickly abandon your conventional website which doesn’t fit into their smaller screen, and will find a mobile optimized site instead, perhaps your competitors who are already mobile optimized.


Since the majority of business, large or small, are yet to even entertain the thought of a mobile optimized site, there’s currently a huge gap and opportunity which has developed for those who are wanting to gain new market share. All that’s required is optimizing your current site to accommodate for smartphones and tablets.

However, it’s extremely important to first develop a mobile strategy by understanding how these mobile users utilize the search engines, this so you’ll be able to provide the best and appropriate content on your mobile site.

Still Keep Shining In Social Media
Social media continues to remain important and is also becoming easier than ever to share and converse your content in anything that’s social media related.

From the perspective of the search engines, the more prominent that you are in social exchange, by sharing your content on the likes of: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, the more relevant and widespread you become by doing so, which then garners a lot more love, especially from Google.

The ranking for your content as a result will also naturally increase. The initial step is creating engaging content which the readers will want to share with others as well as they participating by leaving feedback on your site and the various social media outlets.

Producing Genuine Quality Content
With all of the recent algorithm scrambles by the search engines, the one constant which remains is supplying quality content on your site. Long gone are those days of the “spammy” article spinning and stuffing software which created unreadable content, as they’ll now plummet straight down the rankings.

What quality content does is it adds value to your site while giving the reader a valid reason to link back naturally to your site or share your content while the search engines take notice.

What also needs to be avoided is listening to all of the so called marketers and slick gurus preaching their latest and greatest SEO shortcuts, claiming that they’ve “cracked the code” and will magically propel your webpages on the first page of Google. Well guess what, Google’s on to you and these tricks.

Instead, build pages of value which are actually useful, containing unique informative content which will lead towards better opportunities when it comes to conversions and ranking.

But saying all that’s required is high quality content is the most obvious step. What you’ll also need to do is put in actual “hard work” into your marketing efforts, which for some is a completely different story altogether.


Although providing unique content is always the first step, the actual quality of the content itself needs to be properly immersed into the online universe for your site to gain any online traction when it comes to SEO.

The Need To Get Google Author Rank
One major online shift which has recently occurred and is gaining a lot of momentum is Google giving a lot of credibility to content authors, which they refer to as Author Rank.

The more unique and usable content that a particular author is able to submit and then syndicate, the more authority that they’ll get in their particular field of authorship.

So if you’re an author, or have staff who are, you need to establish Author Rank status which propels you as an industry leader. What Google will do in return is reward your efforts by granting you higher search engine rankings. You can begin by establishing a Google+ account and then proceed from there.

SEO An Ongoing Unforgiving Moving Target
What worked yesterday in SEO may not possibly work tomorrow, so what’s required is constantly going back to the drawing board which is now the general consensus when it comes to tackling SEO.

For the businesses and online marketers who are wanting to win the ranking wars in their particular industry or niche, as someone has to appear as No. 1 in the rankings, they’re finding that the rules of the game are constantly changing.

Attempting to learn how to dominate the digital sphere is a difficult and elusive battle which takes perseverance and willingness to adapt. You need to be prepared to turn your business tactics on a dime, which is now a necessity step for survival.


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