One Fact Of Life Is You Always Get What You Ask For

One thing for certain is certainty itself. If you want something bad enough, you’ll get what you ask for, every time. It’s a natural law of the universe, that everything you do begins with a single thought. Each and every thought is an energy force.

What any form, any type of energy does is it automatically manifests itself, it reacts somehow.

When any type of thought you think about is strong and focused enough and in the same direction. It will for certain manifest itself in the real world you live in, this with a directed purpose.

This is the substance from the very beginning of existence on this earth, this the core process of creation. The creating of everything you currently want or own.

So just think of positive thoughts, good ideas you want to develop.

Think only of the things you wish for, what you want to see happen in your life and want to appear. Think of these things, and it will come true, it has no other option.

Life Give Us What We Ask

So you’re silently saying to yourself, well that’s bullcrap. Getting what you ask for doesn’t work.

You say you’re constantly asking for riches, love, happiness, and freedom, but all you get are the feelings of doom.

So what needs to be altered is how you’re approaching the process, understanding and following how creation actually works. How our subconscious mind works.

Everything that’s ever existed is a thought from someone’s mind first. Everything begins with an idea.

Our sole existence, our growth begins with a single thoughtform, and from the strength of it turns into reality.

This The Process Known As Creation

We as humans and everything else living, including plants, mammals, animals, and everything technological like our smartphones, are all created by and obey the same process.

We use this process of creation at all times, this without even realizing it.

But whenever we’re not conscious about what we’re thinking, by default, what our mind will do is abuse this power. We do so, by thinking and then create a negative life and become disappointed.

What our subconscious minds naturally defaults to is negatively, so it’s no surprise we get negative results.

So once we learn how to think positive thoughts at all times, then we’ll just get positive results in our life.


Where Thoughts Are Formed

Where any idea is first conceived is always from our subconscious mind. This is similar to our garden, or the ground and the dirt we walk on. It doesn’t care or interfere with what we sow.

It doesn’t argue it already has enough carrots or potatoes, or trees. It doesn’t complain by saying it doesn’t like red flowers, so will instead turn them blue. The earth doesn’t care, it just reacts.

The earth just works in silence like a servant, giving us the exact output we put into it. Our minds are exactly like our garden.

We can either plant negative weeds or we can plant positive flowers. Whatever we choose, it will produce.

So Think Just Good Thoughts

These seeds are planted in our minds by how we react to situations in real life. We plant onions yet expect roses.

We constantly sow negative thoughts in our mind, and then expect good things to happen in our life.

All we’re doing is fooling ourselves while we blame others.

What we look for is who’s responsible for how miserable our life is, who’s at fault. We’ll usually then blame our parents, spouse, our educators, for whatever goes wrong in our life.

We pout and say we’re cursed, we never have any luck in our lives like others do.

That our siblings, relatives or friends are much more fortunate than us, wondering why the world serves us what we get.

We Default On The Negative

What our mind naturally thinks are negative thoughts, this as a safety precaution so we won’t get hurt. The simple mathematical formula is, 1 equals 1.

If you think negative thoughts intentional or not 75% percent of the time, the return you’ll get will be negative results 75% percent of the time.

The results you get in life are purely reflective, a mirror, which executes exactly what you put in it.

This is similar to the programming of our computers Basic Input/Output System or BIOS.

Everything in life is cause and effect. We sleep to get rest, we feel refreshed in the morning. We get hungry, we eat, then we get full.

What you input is the duplicate output. It’s nothing more than a mindless autonomic mechanical process.

Say for instance you search in Google. “I am fat, I am stupid, I am ugly, and nobody loves me.”

The results you get back are reasons why you’re fat, why you’re stupid, why you’re ugly. You’re also not surprised of the results.

Our Minds Are The Greatest Machines

This is exactly how our subconscious mind works. If you’re not liking the output, then just change the input. Don’t get angry with your life, just alter what you put into it.

You don’t get angry if your garden grows onions because that’s what you planted. You don’t get upset and kick your computer.

So instead of getting upset, learn the process and you’ll begin to get positive results in your life.

Just start thinking about the good things you want. Think just those good thoughts you want to happen in your life. Think only of what you want to become real, turn true.

It won’t be automatic, you may need to wait a while, so be patient. It will eventually come, it has no other choice.

Then one day you’ll begin to harvest what you sow. Your mind like your garden, will mirror what you put into it.

What you want in life is never lost, it’s never forgotten. So just begin manifesting what you want in life today.

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