Why Is It You Attract The Same Toxic Relationships In Life

A toxic relationship is defined as those recurring love affairs you know are bad for you, yet you enter into them anyways, despite how hard you say to yourself, never again. They make you feel sad, you know you’ll end up disappointed and bitter, yet you get seduced into the vortex.

What true love is supposed to be is fulfilling. A soulmate is supposed to complete you, but what you feel instead is loneliness and disappointment.

Any love affair which has anxiety and pain, are more common than the ones featuring compatibility, pleasure, and Hallmark™ contentment.

What becomes common is blaming one other for they being a poor influence, and thus bad for you.

Realize it takes “two to tangle” in any relationship, which creates that toxic volatile dynamic.

That Toxic Substance

What’s expected is there’s conflict in any modern day relationship. Issues that need to be ironed out, negotiated, while compromises are made.

Toxic love relationships is when being together, makes you feel worse than better, but you plunge in anyways.

The good moments you share can be exceptional, but more often than not, there’s always a negative vacuum.

The key becomes how much progress you can make in this current destructive love affair.

If you’re finding your relationship fails to make any progress, then that’s a sign of a toxic relationship.

Constantly In Toxic Relationships

If you’re constantly attracting toxic relationships on a path to destruction, then you need to ask yourself. How much responsibility you personally need to take, on why things turn tragic.

Once you become this self aware, you can take better assessment of yourself.

What you’re giving yourself is a better chance of consciously getting a more favourable outcome, once realizing and making personal behavioural adjustments.

Too Much Drama

What some will do is constantly create drama in their relationships, because on some level, what they enjoy is the “push and pull.”

They enjoy the constant conflict of being in a passionate yet volatile relationship. What it does is keeps things vibrant and moving, it keeps them excited and the heart pounding.

Inevitably, however, what all this unneeded drama does is gets out of hand, and it no longer becomes fun once someone gets emotionally hurt.


You’re Too Needy

Toxic love has many facets, and one key indicator is being too co-depend. In these relationships, for those who has a dependency personality, they’ll find someone who’s just as unstable.

The thinking is they can then feed off each others deficiencies, in the hopes to become “one.”

Someone who’s too needy, will usually select a partner who has their own dependency issues.

Neither will get any better, and as a result, what happens is each begins to feel suffocated and resentful, because of their inability to cope with life.

You Fail To Perceive

Toxic love occurs once someone isn’t discerning enough, when it comes to choosing a partner.

They don’t take the time to inspect the goods first. They fail to learn what their viewpoints and attitudes are, before jumping off the deep end and falling in love.

If you choose relationships based strictly on superficial criteria, then don’t get disappointed if you end up in another dysfunctional relationship. You’re only to blame.

You Project Your Fantasies On Someone

Some will often claim their relationship has turned toxic, once they feel they’ve been deceived somehow, after falling in love with someone who eventually turns out to be bad for them.

There’s constant disappointment, as a rift develops between your expectations, and what a person turns out to be.

You then need to consider what type of “fantasy” you’re projecting on that person, which can set you up for inevitable disappointment.

You’re Too Easily Flattered

One of the most toxic relationships that exists, are those where one partner is knowingly and intentionally exploiting the other. They do so to find out what they can get out of them.

Some will end up in these types of situations, because they’re gullible and easily manipulated by others, who knows how to seduce them.

The “victim,” when it comes to these types of relationships, often has more to offer, either emotionally or financially.

You’re Not Always Honest

There are some who recognizes all the signs of a bad relationship once meeting someone new, yet they’ll recklessly ignore them. They ignore their better judgment or the advice of their friends.

Then once things falls apart and you know they eventually will, they’ll act surprised and disappointed.

They will kick and scream that love sucks, as they blame the other person although they knew it would end badly.

You’re Looking For Toxic Love

There are times in our lives, when we aimlessly and subconsciously sleepwalk into a toxic relationship, even when we know it’s wrong, and will leave us heartbroken.

If that’s the case, then you need to find out why this painful process appeals to you. Perhaps you’re wanting to learn a lesson, or you can’t resolve something on your own.

What having a toxic love relationship can often do, is force you to face your fears, which motivates you to change.

You’re Transitioning

We’ve all entered rebound relationships too soon, to rid of that bad taste in the mouth of the previous one. Doing so also bridges the gap between that old flame, and jumping into the future.

These relationships occur when you’re going through a transitional phase, and you’re confused.

This happens when you’re not sure who you are, and jumping into a new toxic relationship only reflects and increases that confusion.

Know The Signs Of Toxicity

These forms of toxic love, is something we’re all attracted to at one time or another. It can be an unpleasant experience, one that we can hopefully escape sooner than later.

What we need is to remain mindful, to examine ourselves and what our motivations are.

If we neglect these issues, the odds increases we’ll end up in these same types of toxic relationships over and over again.