Since Tomorrow Never Comes The Time To Act Is Right Now

Most are just too busy running around trying to survive, arrange their lives to be somewhere, usually somewhere else, wanting to be anywhere but here. Learning to become grateful, will grant you the freedom from the hypnosis of a culture that’s constantly looking to make themselves be, feel better.

What we want is to always be somewhere else financially, geographically, to have better relationships.

We often want to be anywhere rather than right here, and that if we’re somewhere else, it’s in the hopes our lives would get better.

This escapism mentality acts like a tonic which only gives temporary relief to our chronic problems.

Other than wanting to be elsewhere, most will also dwell by a philosophy of “someday” which gives them hope to manipulate time.

“I will get to it but just not today” or “I’m busy right now.…” are pure escape excuses to remain in their comfort zone.

The problem is that both someday, somewhere, or tomorrow are undefined and an illusion.

Somewhere doesn’t exist and someday or tomorrow never comes, although you keep hoping, waiting for it.

This can become extremely discouraging and is solely responsible for plenty of disappointment and anxiety.

Live For Today

The truth is right now, this very moment is all you’ve really got. Tomorrow is a theory and will never arrive, so you need to learn to live in the present, to begin living your life.

Being grateful doesn’t mean you lose your drive, motivation or purpose. What it does is allows you to slow down and enjoy the ride.

It’s extremely healthy to want more from life, but what’s also required is to be truly realistic and fulfilled. Knowing where you are becomes critical.

Using someday as an excuse to ease your issues won’t create long term success.

Be honest with yourself, stop making excuses just to make yourself feel better.

A little pain can always be useful since it will at the very least move you towards taking action.

Start doing something, there’s always something you can do right now, this moment to turn your ideas into reality.


Taking The Next Step

One of the most powerful supports you have is becoming resourceful. What this means is you have everything you need to achieve whatever it is that you want.

What you have is the ability to take action with what you’ve got, where you are right now.

You don’t have to wait for “When I am” or “Someday when” before you take action on your dreams.

Acting on the smallest idea can make all the difference, because it immediately makes your idea real, activated, and you’re using your willpower to consciously take charge.

To Get It

It’s important to realize a purpose, to pursue it. But it’s not about just achieving it, but the actual experience of living it.

You don’t travel just for the purpose of reaching a destination, but rather for the purpose of the experience.

Realize whatever dream or goal you’re pursuing, you’ll most likely spend more time chasing it, than actually enjoying it.

Reaching most goals on your bucket list, are anti-climatic once you get there anyways.

The process is where the fulfillment comes from, and the process is what makes you become, feel something instead of just accumulating it.

If you can’t be grateful and happy pursuing your goal, then chances are you won’t be satisfied.

Living In The Present

Live in the present, while knowing exactly where you’re going. Be right here, right now, celebrate and capture these magical moments of your life.

Hold on to them to propel you into the future. Life isn’t just living in the moment but also created in the moment.

Right now, this very second is the best time to design the next chapter of your life.

Allow your thoughts and knowledge to serve you by taking action. Taking action is what activates your destiny.

Move confidently towards the direction of your choosing, while not getting seduced by the belief someday things will come your way, someday your luck will change.

You’re the source and the creator of your own destiny, prosperity, and it all begins with gratitude for everything you already have, exactly where you are right now, here.

One great privilege you have is you can begin right now with what you have, to create anything you want as every resource you need is already within you.

Move Towards This Moment

Living in a place called “somewhere” doesn’t serve you, although it might feel good in the short term, as an escape or excuse.

Having to constantly lie to yourself, pretending to get what you want, just creates unnecessary burden.

Once you turn your someday philosophy into a today philosophy, you can start adopting the mindset where you take action on your ideas, with the exact resources you have.

Know Tomorrow Never Comes

What someday or somewhere really comes down to is you admitting to yourself, what you want isn’t available to you. This creates a belief you’re no longer in control of your life.

What you’re admitting, is you’re waiting for something, sometime, or someone else to take charge of your destiny.

You’ll only get access to your true resources once you take action exactly where you are, with what you’ve got, despite all your excuses.

True gratitude and happiness doesn’t rely on external conditions, but is instead determined by your evaluation of where you are right now.

This very moment is the seed of your life, so nurture it, and water it with gratitude since you’re the creator of your destiny.

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