Slow Down! How The Slave Driver That Is Time Rules Our Lives

relaxing away from timeWait slow down, it’s time to go, I’m going to be late. This is time, which we’re a slave to as it rules our lives. Despite planning, multitasking, scheduling, you’re still late for work. For everyone who needs to be somewhere on time, there’s never enough time.

Planning an agenda, a daily “to-do” list in the morning, conserving time by paying bills online, precisely timing 15 minutes to walk the dog, responding to e-mails while checking the calendar for commitments the month ahead, are all territory of an organized life.

We run non-stop based on the clock, dividing and manipulating our attention on a handful of things to do, constantly checking our watches while stressing for more time. Our entire day feels like rush hour.

No! Time Doesn’t Stand Still
We all drive faster than the speed limit, this without a sense of guilt. The daily traffic is one thing which exasperates most, along with long lineups at the grocer or coffee line.

Others moving slowly is wasting, stealing our time as everyone is busy, and needs to be somewhere. Impatience and frustration builds as car horns blow, cussing when needing to wait an extra moment.

All this irritation and anger, this stress buildup doesn’t make things go any quicker, help us reach our next destination sooner. What they do is hamper our health as time is the dictator of all.

What’s The Point Of Time
Most don’t even bother to ask why the rush, the need to get from one place to another even quicker. Our mentality is to get there, somewhere, as fast as possible, and then once we’re there, then what.

We live in a culture which celebrates the ambitious and the overachievers, the accomplished, a culture that preaches “time is money,” an environment where progress, growth and development is expected to happen in a flash.

What Time Saving
Technology is based on saving us time, but what it’s doing is stealing more of it. It’s created distractions, along with time traps which wastes too much of our precious time.

The Internet has placed a wealth of information right at our fingertips, designed to save time, but instead offers countless opportunities and hundreds of choices for us to further evaluate and consider, eating up more time.

How To Slow Down Time
The time that we have, the 24 hour clock hasn’t changed since the invention and tracking of it. Our ancestors lived under the same format.

So it comes down to how we manage it, how much productivity we can squeeze into the seconds that are ticking away.

Prioritizing Tasks
Since everything you need to do is urgent or has a time stamp on it, having a “priority” list becomes an efficient way to manage your day, which is more effective than just a to-do list.

Never overload it. Pick a few tasks that you’d like to do, that you need to tackle every day, and then give them your absolute attention and effort to complete them.

Don’t allow yourself to get distracted or sidetracked during this time by things which aren’t on the priority list. Know that they’re less relevant, so dismiss them as they can wait.

Purposefully Slowing Down
Not everyone or everything needs your immediate attention, not everything needs to be finished that quickly. So slow down, step back, take a deep breath and try appreciating the moment that you’re in right now.

Look around and reflect. It’s okay if something goes unfinished or if you’re late. Devote the time to mindfully know what you’re doing at all times. You don’t need to rush through everything, as things will usually fall into place.


Focus On One Task At A Time
If you need to do something right now which is of paramount importance, what would that be. At times, most will feel rushed because they take on more than what’s realistically possible, and able to manage.

Then panic sets in as our minds get cluttered from attempting to come up with a plan, this to complete all the multiple projects at the same time.

So learn and realize where your limits are, and never attempt to do more than what you’re capable of. It’s not possible for the mind to multitask, so the best route is to focus on finishing whatever it is that you’re currently doing, and do that one thing well.

Mindfully Be Aware Of Time
If you are stressing out that you’re going to be late, then plan to leave a bit earlier, this to give yourself enough time to get wherever you’re going. Moderate yourself to a more relaxed pace.

Never rush just out of habit. Consciously keep in mind to never go over the speed limit, this because everyone else is doing so. Drive at a slower pace while defensively stopping on every yellow light and stop sign.

These are just minutes that you’re burning, which won’t really affect you reaching your destination any sooner, while keeping you and especially others safe on the road.

Limit Your Time
Before going on social media, watching TV, going out shopping, put a time clock on that activity, and have the discipline that once the time is up, stop the event.

Set yourself a curfew when pleasure browsing the Internet, while avoiding the temptation to instantly respond to emails as soon as you receive one. Immediately responding to every email or answering every phone call cause others to assume you’re available 24/7.

Resolve not to get distracted whenever you’re bored or when you’re trying to relax, or if there’s work to be done. Whatever you decide to do, always remain mindfully present throughout that task, this to get the most value and attention from it.

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