The Need To Master Self Abundance Before Becoming Wealthy

the abundance of natureIf you’re currently struggling with money issues, that the world has dealt you a bad hand, then it’s time to do a reality check. Realize you’re immensely abundant, rich and wealthy regardless of what your bank balance says. Abundance is a state of mind.

It’s tempting whenever you’re struggling with money issues that’s it’s the cruel hands of fate striking you. There you are, you think you’re working hard, but all you see is more money going out than coming in, while you see others attract all the wealth they need.

Realize that’s more an illusion, that despite difficult financial circumstances, everyone is infinitely richer than they think, and that money is the final byproduct of it. Once discovering how abundant your life really is, your financial situation will improve.

Most tend to link abundance and wealth and narrow it down to having money. There are other types of abundance that currently surrounds you, which doesn’t require effort or investment.

So know what they are and focus and refine them, and then abundance will spontaneously combust forward to creating money.

Abundance Of Creativity
It doesn’t cost a dime to have a wealth of great ideas. The concept of paper money is a human invention, and not created by the Universe.

There are however no limits to your thoughts, as you can have as many grand ideas as you want. So allow yourself to dream big, and you’ll realize what abundance truly is. Money spinning ideas originates from your thoughts, an endless renewable resource.

Abundance Of Choice
Most have the freedom to do as they wish, free will, to make free choices on what to do with their lives. So if your current circumstances aren’t to your liking, you have the choice to opt for something better to get a different result.

Choose a better habit, find other work, a different relationship, another location or another venture. You have the freedom to choose during every moment of your life.

Abundance Of Potential
Most don’t realize how gifted they are, or use their full potential. They become locked into a victim mentality, where there are more excuses than solutions to get what they want.

The constant excuses of, “I’m not good enough” “I’m not lucky enough” or “I’m not smart enough,” or any other “not enough” phrases. No one is ever singled out to have more gifts than anyone else.

What we are is unique, and have our own special strengths. The key is to find out what they are, this through a process of discovery, trial and error, self assessment, and feedback from others.

Eventually, you’ll find your potential, as you have abundant talent which needs to be exposed, gifts which are meant to be found, refined, and used.

Abundance Of Health
Even if you find yourself down financially, feel fortunate that you are healthy. The irony is that most get caught in the rat trap of working extremely long hard hours, this in the quest for more money, only to buy a cure for the bad health that they’ve developed.

They work to excess so they could go on holidays to reward themselves for working so hard, or to reserve a hospital bed. What’s undeniable is that we were meant to live a healthy life that’s full of energy.

It’s your right to live a life of abundant health that you were granted and meant to live, then it’s the financially wealthy who envy’s your great state of health.

Abundance Of Love
Although it may may appear sentimental, but there’s no escaping the fact that while your capacity to earn may have limits, even for those who are already wealthy, your capacity to love is limitless.


Once you remove the barriers in your life, what you invite is a flow of good which surrounds you and everyone around you, then it becomes a festival of light.

Display and spread your love to those who are important to you. Show your love to strangers who are desolate, this rather than judging or fearing them.

Extend your unconditional love to every creature that you come across. Love everything that you do every day, and most importantly, love yourself first. Love is the greatest force in the universe, it’s free with no limits, so just invite it into your life.

Abundance Of Possessions
What the media has brainwashed us into believing is that without having money, that we’re not materially rich. This a clever marketing ploy which is aimed to make the marketers themselves richer.

The truth being that money is a man made energy, a fable that you need more money whether you’re capable or not. To enjoy abundance, you don’t need a huge house, big car, luxury boat, or eye candy on your arm.

To find these riches is to return back to its source, and not the materialistic concrete structures. Look no further than nature. Take a walk in the forest during autumn and then witness the sheer abundance that you can enjoy freely.

Walk along a beach after sunset or after a storm, and witness the abundance of infinite freedom. Look at all the wonders of nature, and then you’ll never again think you need to have money to live a life of abundance again.

Abundance Of Money
What your finances depends on is focusing on these other areas of abundance first. To exercise creativity, explore the choices you have, maximize your talents, remain healthy, spread your love, and appreciate nature.

Then you can enjoy living a life of abundance. Once you believe that you possess these riches of life, is when you’ll begin to create the abundance of wealth, as money will begin to flow your way excessively.

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