How To Go From “Working For A Living” To “Working From Home”

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is a “middleman” service that you provide, where you as an online marketer, promotes physical, digital or a service product that’s owned by others, in exchange for a commission.

You as a blogger, website owner or media advertiser acts as a bridge between the buyer and the seller. You store no inventory or handle the monetary transaction. You get paid once a sale is made.

You as an affiliate marketer can join any existing affiliate program at no charge, that’s specific to your niche. …

Best Monetization Models Of Affiliate Marketing For Online Marketers

how to make money with affiliate-marketingSo one of the most common questions that’s asked by new online marketers starting out in Internet marketing is how they can make money on their site or blog. If you are not selling any products or services such as ebooks or any tangible goods, then the option you have is to become an Affiliate Marketer or “publisher” for another company.

There are absolutely tens of thousands of affiliate programs which are available for you to promote. What’s required however is understanding the types of programs as well as the …