Why You So Mad Learning To Take Control Of Your Anger

whygetsoAngryManDo you know someone, yes that guy, that particular person that no one really likes or wants to talk to, but tolerates nonetheless. This because of his arrogant “little” man smug persona. He lets his Anger get the best of him and won’t reverse or fix his mistakes and as a result becomes extremely bitter.

Some would often describe their anger moments much like a wave that would pound over them. This similar to the real forces of nature sending ocean waves crashing onto the shore. Anger at times is …

Anger – Losing Your Cool Will Make You Look Like a Fool

angry guy anger mad manAnger and getting angry is all about losing one’s self control, and once we lose control, bad things can happen most of the time. If it’s family or friends, it can lead to fractured relationships, and if it’s a public confrontation with a complete stranger, it can lead to legal issues.

Getting Angry About What?
There was once a scene in a mall parking. It was between two middle aged women, and they were arguing over something as mundane as a parking spot. Both were standing side by side, purses …