Developing Conflict Resolution Skills Once Someone Gets Mad

how to control angerBecoming upset is a situation that nobody wants to face. Controlling the anger that’s rising in oneself or others becomes a critical skill in one’s personal as well as business life. Having a short fuse, getting easily ticked off can become a hazard to oneself and others.

Hopefully, it’s not an issue which needs to be dealt with on a regular basis, but the truth remains that the majority of people, especially when it comes to certain businesses, will encounter either their own anger rising or the anger of others …

Anger – Losing Your Cool Will Make You Look Like a Fool

angry guy anger mad manAnger and getting angry is all about losing one’s self control, and once we lose control, bad things can happen most of the time. If it’s family or friends, it can lead to fractured relationships, and if it’s a public confrontation with a complete stranger, it can lead to legal issues.

Getting Angry About What?
There was once a scene in a mall parking. It was between two middle aged women, and they were arguing over something as mundane as a parking spot. Both were standing side by side, purses …