The One Resolution You Should Be Making This Year

And that’s to be nice to our fellow human kind. To be nice to everyone you come across today and everyday, including those you may not like. Never waver from treating them differently or not respect them, even if they can’t help you whatsoever.

This includes everyone who you don’t know, perhaps despise, everyone you don’t agree with on social media because of their radical opposing stand.

Be nice to people, everyone who crosses your path, everyone who you come in contact with.

This includes: complete strangers, your spouse and …

The Virtues And Rewards Of Being Nice To Others At All Times

why you should be nice to others at all timesBe nice to everyone, including those who you don’t like, and never waver from treating them differently or not respecting them. This includes those who you’re required to deal with on a daily basis or on special occasions.

Being nice to people, everyone that crosses your path, everyone that you come in contact with including: complete strangers, your spouse and kids, your employees, employer, your co-workers, or the clerk at the store.

But these unruly individuals exist and persist in our lives, those who are only nice if it’s in …