Why Upgrading To 4G Mobile Broadband Will Speed Up Your Life

upgrading to 4g-wirelessThere’s a valid reason why the majority of smartphones, tablet PC’s and practically any other mobile device all support and use what’s originally pretty much a non-mobile based technology, and that is Wi-Fi.

The reason for this is because in most parts of North America as well as many parts of the wired world, the 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi wireless network just simply offers a much better performance output than using any of the mobile device’s nearby cell towers.

When you’re using Wi-Fi to tap into your home or business’s broadband Internet …

4G Wireless – 4th Generation Wireless Services Coming To A Phone Near You

sprint-htc-evo-4gSo what is 4G? 4G or fourth generation is the next generation of wireless cellular standards, that will primarily provide for higher speed transmission and downloads, while supporting higher definition quality streaming video. 4G technology carriers will either offer Long Term Evolution (LTE) or WiMax. 4G isn’t backward-compatible with current 3G, but it will use ‘spectrum’ more efficiently. WiMax and LTE are 4th generation cellular technology that can transmit high quality, high definition video on smartphones and tablets.

When smartphones were first introduced, and then went into wide usage for …