How First Impressions Are Often Cured By A Second Look

The majority of people, most likely you, don’t have a clue how you come across to other people. The immediate split-second impression you subconciously give off. Most don’t know themselves as well as they think they do.

Your particular behavior, your attitude, how you act around others. The vibe you give off all sends a distinct message.

A nonverbal message others can instantly pick up on to judge you. An impression you emit you’re most likely not aware of.

There’s a common definition which describes the majority of us, and …

4 Seductive Methods To Make People Like You

You know who they are, they’re magnetically charming and charismatic, being able to shine at will. They come across as being completely genuine under any circumstance, as they have a knack for instantly making you, or a room full of skeptics smile with glee.

When you meet someone for the first time and after the formal introductions, “Hello, how are you?” most will just go into limp mode with short choppy replies, and become aloof when it comes to small talk.

Those first few minutes can become anxiously prolonged, since …

Why There’s Nothing More Dreadful Than The Fear Of Rejection

no one could deal with rejectionEverybody hurts, whether you’re big or small, rich or beautiful. In ways that hits the heart and mind. We’re constantly snubbed on a daily basis, regardless of who we are, not everyone’s going to like us. Conversely, we’re also not going to like others and will let them know.

It’s the human condition, it’s the way that the social economic universe operates. But once it happens to us, get the snub, what we do is take it personally, that we feel the pain and the anger. We personally hurt, yet, …

Your Life Begins The Instance You Reveal Who You Really Are

being true to yourselfThe moment that you start living your life is when you expose your imperfections. There are plenty of individuals roaming this earth living a shallow life invested in their own self image, who are pretending to be living perfect lives.

What this leads to is others who begin comparing themselves to them, and then judging themselves as not being as perfect by comparison. The fault being we’re unable to admit that we’re not perfect, and fail to realize that it’s our imperfections, our scars, is what makes us unique and …

What To Do With Your Life When You Don’t Fit In Anywhere

howtoconnectyourselfwiththeworldIt happens mostly late at night, in the dark stormy recesses of the mind, these are the times you may feel perplexed about this whole thing called life. At this time and age, we all ponder these moments during isolation where you stare back at the context of everything you’ve accomplished, and then wonder how you’re connected to it all.

Well, you’re not alone. The sole consolation being that there’s a number of individuals who are in the same exact situation, the same wonderment, of we feeling vulnerable and pointless. …