How To Have More Charisma In Your Life By Knowing The Signs

Are you that personality who glows in the dark because of your charisma, so regardless of where you are, you instantly make others feel attracted to you. You have that twinkle in your eye and a radiant smile which showcases your ability to make anyone feel special, even in a room full of strangers.

Some have that ability, without they ever needing to saying a word, or they light up a dull conversation and will brighten it up, just by their presence.

Yet, there’s no true definition why some are able to project that positive glowing aura, but they somehow do.

Some exude natural charisma while others have no sex appeal whatsoever. However, being charismatic can also quickly or suddenly lose its lustre.

For those who possess that special something, they’re effortlessly able to make and instantly maintain great relationships.

How Charismatic Are You -Know The Signs

Those who are charismatic constantly and positively influences anyone around them, making individuals feel important and completely comfortable.

They’re the life of the party, someone everyone wants to be around, or emulate, and they want to be their friend.

Some claim it’s down to a science, as there are techniques which can heighten ones charisma level and magnetism.

Being charismatic also appears to raise ones level of success, improving presentation skills and their image while disguising any flaws.

They Give You Their Full Undivided Attention

People who ooze charisma won’t check their phones every few moments for messages, or look away to see who just walked in the door when conversing with you.

They don’t glance away to look at others, but will give you their full undivided attention and won’t stray, even for a moment.

They give you the gift of their full and complete attention. That’s a quality that just few people posses and are willing to offer you, but it can also be learned. Once you begin refining this technique alone will drive people to you, as well as remember you.

Listening More Than You Speak

If there’s any questions, they’ll always reply back while maintaining eye contact. They use their full set of emotions, smile, nod, or frown when appropriate. Responding non-verbally is just as important as responding verbally. This will make someone feel completely important.

When you do decide to speak, never offer any type of advice unless you’re strictly asked. What listening does is it shows that you care more of what someone’s saying, rather than offering advice. This because the instance you begin offering advice, in the majority of cases, you then make the conversation about you, and not them.

For instance, once you interrupt and say, “This is what I would do…” You’re suddenly placing the focus on you and not the other person. So speak when you have something important that you need to say. “Important” being defined as what you say matters completely to the other person, and not to you.

Don’t Be Selective In Your Hearing

Some individuals, and there’s no doubt you know a few of them, are selective on what they hear. They’re completely incapable of hearing anything that’s said by those who they feel are insignificant or beneath them.


So there you are speaking to someone, expressing your opinion, but as the saying goes, “If a tree falls in a forest, can anyone hear?” They give you that blank stare and courtesy nod, but their not listening. Then you’re left with that isolated feeling there’s no one there to hear you talk.

Charismatic people have extremely acute listening skills which are focused on what everyone in the room says. They’ll make everyone, regardless of their position, their stature, their gender, or social status, feel like they all have something in common.

Realize That Others Are More Important

You’re already aware of what you know. You have and realize your opinions. You also have your perspectives as well as your own points of view.

All that stuff, however, isn’t important, this since they’re already yours and you know what they are. You can’t really learn anything more from yourself at this moment.

But what you don’t know is what others are thinking or knows. Everyone else, regardless of who they are, knows something, even one minor detail or perspective that you didn’t realize.

So when you’re speaking to them, just that fact makes them a lot more important and interesting than you are. This because you can potentially learn something from them.

Giving Before You Receive

Never set out thinking about what you can get from a situation but rather focus on what you’re able to provide. Giving something is one of the best ways to establish a genuine connection and relationship.

Focus, even just for a moment on what you’re able to offer the other person, then you’ll prove that you’re the only person who really matters to them.

Don’t Act Self-important Drop The Ego

The only other individuals who may be impressed with your stuffy, smug, pretentious, and obvious self-importance are other stuffy, smug, pretentious, and self-important people who can relate to you.

The rest of the world is not impressed. Your display of human ego and superiority is irritating, uncomfortable, and a complete turn off. No one will notice when you walk inside the room and they hope you walk out.

Choosing How You Think And Say Carefully

The exact words that you speak has the highest impact when it comes to the attitude of others. For instance:

• You’re not going to an important business meeting; rather you get to meet with other like minded business people
• You’re not making a brand new presentation for a client; you’re just sharing information with others
• You don’t “need” to go to the fitness club; you go there to work out and get in better shape

What we’re all wanting to do is meet and associate with easy going enthusiastic people. The words that you choose to say can help others feel at ease and more comfortable about themselves.

Don’t Bother To Gossip

Sure, we all at times enjoy hearing a bit of smack talk. We all like to listen to a bit of dirt once in a while. The problem is, however, we don’t always like or necessarily respect the person who is delivering the gossip.

So don’t talk about other people or don’t laugh at them. Once you do, the people who are around you may be wondering if you’re laughing at them, and not with them.

Always Admit Your Mistakes And Failures

Those who are successful are often thought they have all this Charisma because they’re successful, and that the root of their success seems to create a glowing halo effect.

The keyword however is “seems,” as you don’t need to be extremely successful to exude charisma. By just looking around, you’ll most likely come across and discover that some of the most successful people have zero to negative charisma.

What you need to be is incredibly genuine for you to be charismatic. So be as humble as possible by sharing the mistakes that you’ve made, admitting to your errors while learning to laugh at yourself.

While you shouldn’t laugh at others and their mistakes or deficiencies, you should always be laughing at your own, constantly. People will then laugh with you on your blunders, and not at you.

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