The Latest Trend In Online Marketing Is Duplicate Marketing

how you can use duplicate marketingYou have the latest greatest brand spanking new and advanced product, way ahead of its time, or a new start-up which will completely revolutionize how people will view, use, or live their lives.

But if you decide that you’re going to market this new product using the old traditional ways, by using the same technique of attracting new customers by spending your budget on advertising, then you may no longer be that successful.

So how about approaching marketing from a completely different angle, which also happens to be one of the most successful marketing models known, this by giving your customers hard cold cash for they referring their friends to you. Yes, this is a new hybrid of the traditional network marketing model.

It’s true that advertising dollars for marketing is expensive, as you can easily blow your entire budget on ads to launch your company. Or you can choose to use a more affordable approach that’s known to be effective, which are via referrals, word of mouth marketing.

What you’re doing is making your existing customers do all of the work for you. This is what a few of the latest tech start-ups are doing, taking this marketing approach, which also isn’t new by any means, but rather a twist on the original.

Say that a new customer decides to sign up or purchase a product or service of yours, regardless of what that product may be. They then based on your incentive, decides to share and promote that same service they’ve just purchased, using their own embedded link which identifies them as the referral.

What they’ll do is earn money, an affiliate fee, for they generating these new clients for you. What you’re effectively doing is turning them into your marketing reps.

How Duplicate Marketing Works
Once a new customer buys or signs up for a product or service, say for a new mobile provider service, what they’ll immediately receive is their very own customized link which they can share online to earn commission.

So for every 3 people that they refer and they end up signing, the referrer, your customer then gets paid. They’ll get a set commission, for example $20 per month, for as long as the person they’ve referred stay as members. It’s the new and improved virtual Internet version of the traditional “Tupperware” party that your mom used to host.

There are actual success models where launches of this type has been extremely successful. In this case, the mobile service provider has been able to generate close to 100,000 active monthly members using this method.

They’ve also paid out the allocated ad dollars directly back to their members, for they sharing with their friends and generating business for them. This with very little advertising, but by using word of mouth.

This is where direct marketing meets social media networking. What they’re doing is using their existing members, who then actively recruits new members, and acts as their own army of marketing and customer acquisition reps.

It’s All About “Peer to Peer” Social Media Trust
There are other related companies and start-ups who are taking advantage of this approach of customer acquisition, which is based strictly on referral or duplicate marketing.

Reloadable Gift Cards – You can start up a site where you sell $50 gift cards for a coffee vendor, which your customers can reload every month for $50. Say that this card is good for 10 coffees every month.

The twist in this marketing model is that you’ll reward a $50 reload on the card every month, if the original cardholder refers 5 people a month to purchase these $50 gift cards through their own affiliate link.

So they spread the word, they tell their friends about your coffee gift card on social media, with the incentive that they’ll also receive a “free” reloaded gift card every month if they refer 5 people.

The Connection Which Social Duplicate Marketing Provides
One of the best aspects of social media duplicate marketing is the complete shift of trust that occurs, this from those in authority, such as the large corporate brands, to the customer, your friends who markets the products.


What these services are doing is tapping directly into that dynamic of turning individuals, their customers, into their brand advocates while converting their enthusiasm into cold hard cash.

This is the new and improved adaptation of the traditional “MLM” marketing model, which is transferred to today’s online digital and social marketing world. This is word of mouth referral marketing where everyone benefits.

Test Test And Get Paid
So you can go out and test these services yourself, just to see what all of the buzz and fuss that duplicate marketing is all about. You’ll quickly realize that it becomes nothing more than a numbers game.

The more people that you refer, exposing them to your particular affiliate link, there’s always going to be a certain percentage of people who are going to take you up on your offer, and then begin participating themselves.

So if you decide to partake, to make a bit of money or to get your service for free, you’ll find that all it takes is just a bit of effort on your behalf, and you can benefit financially just by sharing your link.

From the brand owners perspective, these types of marketing methods are admittedly borrowed from the traditional network marketing model of doing business.

This is also the new marketing wave of the future. So instead of you spending massive advertising dollars on your new start-up, why not just use the power of duplicate marketing to do all the work for you.

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