The Selective Mindset Displayed To Becoming An Elite Athlete

athletic peak performanceA dedicated focus of mindset is considered to be an extremely important and essential contributor, this for peak athletic performance. This stage of mind has become apparent when witnessing the behaviors of the talented athletes among us, this over a period of time.

These are the professional successful elite athletes who have developed superior physical ability, this to exceed beyond their fellow competitors. It’s found that a particular mindset needs to be adopted, this so they can perform at their ultimate best.

What needs to be noted is that “mindset” is used in a different context from the dictionary definition. This mindset is what’s going on in the athletes mind, this right before the beginning of their competition.

What’s occurring mentally in the mind during this time, is what sets the criteria whether one will perform at their peak, this to the best of their natural innate ability.

An Aggressive Drive
What some react to is a more aggressive mindset when readying themselves for competition, one where they’re more intense than they are training or practicing.

This aggressive stance doesn’t mean physically hurting or beating up their opponents, but rather a personal aggressive mindset and attitude.

One where the athlete becomes assertive, proactive, while exerting personal force using their physical abilities.


This could be pounding the basketball or puck harder to the hoop or net, or setting a quicker pace in a marathon.

Turning It Up
This aggressive mindset is needed for certain athletes to shift from an average performance, to an exceptional one.

This because it then allows them to take their natural physical gifts to the next level, this particularly for those who aren’t that aggressive in nature.

The result being physically raising the intensity of one’s body more than usual, or pumping each other up to generate higher energy among teammates.

Doing so offers the ability to incorporate mental imagery to visualize aggressiveness, to see each other become more competitive, which creates better results.

The Mindset Of Calm And Relaxation
Adopting a calm mindset becomes advantageous for some athletes, this for those who gets uptight and nervous before they compete.

So when preparing for the competition at hand, what the primary goal is to settle down and then relax as much as possible.

Doing so allows the mind to remove worry and doubt, which releases the body from becoming uptight, which can restrict one from performing to the best of their ability.

This calmer mindset can also help those who are too aggressive in nature, and doesn’t need to take the steps to ramp up their game, or constantly go into attack mode.

To Relax Before Competing
A calmer mindset can be developed in several ways. It becomes difficult to have a calm mind if the body is anxious, so what needs to be focused on is relaxing more.


This can be done by breathing deeply and relaxing the muscles, to effectively calm down the mind and the body before the competition.

One method is by using mental imagery, visualizing on being calm before competing. What this imagery offers is a direct physiological relaxing effect, this both on the mind and body.

Another calming effect is reassuring self-talk which can remove the edge, while the nerves become more comfortable and confident to perform at one’s peak.

Thinking As Clearly As Possible
What a clear mindset refers to is having basically nothing but focus that’s related to the event, being able to perform at their optimal advantage.

The athletes who are able to achieve this clear mindset, does so by conversing with their teammates, coaches, talking to themselves, while avoiding any distraction from entering their mind.

Having a clear mindset is extremely important, this because they could then maximize their natural god given talent, and perform to the best of their ability.

Athletes with a clear mindset will then allow their instincts and their natural competence to take over, this without any interference coming from their minds, or anyone else.

Crystal Clear Focus
Having a clear mindset is found best suited for those athletes who are intuitive, where they don’t really need to think about their sport, this in order to perform at their best.

These are the free spirited highly physically gifted type, the superstars. All they need to find is their particular flow, rather than being burdened by structure in their particular discipline.

They also have the experience of competition, where they have plenty of trust and confidence in their physical abilities, this from years of practice and success.

Developing The Proper Mindset
So what’s created is the ideal mindset, this by concentrating on nothing except for the upcoming event or competition at hand.

They communicate with others around them, thinking and doing things which makes them feel better, such as listening to music, this to keep a clearly defined focus.

What they want is for their body and mind to sync into one, keeping themselves intact so they can perform at their peak physical best.

What achieving this proper mindset requires are several steps to instill and then master. Experimentation is needed to find out which mindset works the best for their particular sport.

Then The Lights Go On
What’s then required is making a firm commitment to adopting that ideal mindset before each and every event, and then attempting to bottle it.

Once trapping this mindset, they can then use it during practice and competition. What they want is repetition, this to familiarize the ideal and exact mindset.

A “mindset” where they’re about to enter the most important competition of their life, one where they will not fail. This mindset then needs to be activated at will, which allows for peak performance.

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