10 Ways To Keep Your Bone Mass Naturally Strong

What bones create is the skeleton on how the body is built. Strong solid bone mass is needed for protection, which allows you to perform the everyday tasks with ease and routine. Along with providing stability, balance, and support for the body, healthy strong bones supports good posture, which makes you sturdier.

Once growing older, the bones begin to weaken, making one more vulnerable. Then even just a small fall can easily break a bone, which results in disability and a loss of independence. Since aging can’t be avoided, thinning bones can be prevented with simple lifestyle changes.

10. Increase Calcium Intake

Calcium is the key ingredient which helps form and maintain healthy strong bones. What low calcium levels does is contributes to low bone density and bone loss. Proper calcium levels helps in preventing osteoporosis and other bone-related problems.

Those who are 50 or younger should be consuming 1,000 mg of calcium a day. Know that certain diets and lifestyle habits, impacts how much calcium that your body absorbs, and are able to maintain in the bones.

9. Vitamin C Rich Foods

What vitamin C is responsible for is collagen formation along with normal bone development. This antioxidant helps in reducing oxidative stress, this to protect against inflammation which causes bone resporption, which results in lower calcium in the bones.

Vitamin C promotes the production of bone building cells known as osteoblasts, which suppresses the bone destroying cells. Vitamin C also acts as a skeletal anabolic agent which prevents hypogonadal bone loss.

8. Exercise On A Daily Basis

Exercising is recommended to keep the body in good shape, which improves balance while reducing the risk of falls. The best workouts are weight-bearing exercises which maintains and improves better bone health.

Those suffering from osteoporosis are always prescribed weight-bearing and resistance training, along with exercises that are targeted to improve balance, mobility, and posture, all which reduces the likelihood of falling. Weight-bearing exercises such as walking, running, or stair climbing strengthens bones.