10 Natural Relaxation Techniques Which Reduces Stress

Stress is external pressure which hampers sanity. What’s known is it’s needed for motivation, but once it reaches a certain threshold, it needs to be controlled, as it can potentially cause serious mental and physical issues.

Using proven natural relaxation techniques is the best known stimulant. What compounds however are the busy day to day responsibilities and tasks, and then the attempts to relax takes a back seat.

What relaxing does is slows down the heart and breathing rates, which in turn reduces blood pressure, while increasing blood flow to all the major organs, which lifts mood. Relaxing alleviates fatigue, anger, and frustration.

10. Take Exercise Breaks

Such as taking 15 minute walks once the feeling of stress compounds. Light body movement such as walking or taking the stairs, does is naturally boosts endorphin’s, which reduces the stress hormones which elevates mood.

What walking especially does, this since it’s a rhythmic body exercise that engages the arms and legs, is relieves stress when performed mindfully, keeping you engaged in the present moment. What briskly walking also does is promotes deeper heavier breathing, so do so outdoors whenever possible.

9. Get A Massage

One of the best physical treatments for your body to reduce stress, is a relaxing massage. What massages involves is pressing, rubbing, and manipulating the muscles, skin, ligaments, and tendons. Massages are an excellent alternative treatment method to reduce stress and muscle tension.

What routine massages can also do is promote better sleep, which can act as a detriment when experiencing high levels of stress. What massages does is decreases cortisol, while increasing serotonin and dopamine in the body, which promotes feelings of happiness.

8. Laughing Out Loud

Laughter is one of the best medicines to reduce tension, a proven relaxation technique. Heartily laughing out loud is capable of alleviating stress within minutes. What having a great sense of humor does is lightens your mental load, while inducing positive physical changes in the body.

What it does is increases oxygen intake, while releasing endorphin’s in the brain. So the next time that you feel a bit stressed, watch a funny video clip on Youtube for instant relief. Talk to someone who’s funny and makes you laugh.