How Marketers Will Change Your Mind To Buy Their Product

After a select command of words, is when a mind shift occurs which influences our decisions. It can flip us, forcing us to change our minds on a situation or decision we need to make. We subconsciously respond to a variety of orders once someone attempts to persuade us to buy, sell, or take action.

Everyone from marketers to politicians, attempts to influence us to make up our minds and choose somehow.

Friends and family are constantly attempting to alter our thinking, on what they’re wanting us to do.

Most often, we can become influenced by their constant insistence, and not be aware of it.

What we may not want to believe however is we’re being forced, coerced, and it’s instead our own decision.

We can however become victims of being pressured, because of slight subliminal passages of persuasion.

Once we’re presented with the exact message at the right time or place, we will change our minds voluntarily on cue.

To Become Influenced

The right message is the one we’re receptive to, because we generally agree it’s the right solution at that time. The goal is worthy of pursuing, and we take action.

Timing becomes everything. An advertisement about buying parkas or snowmobiles during the hot summer, will not sell.

The message or the ad, also needs to be presented with features and benefits, which are believable and fills a need.

The Principles Of Influence

To Show Authority

Most are inclined to follow the advice or suggestions of those who are generally seen as authority figures, those who apparently know more than we do.

Also, even if there’s no choice in the matter, the targets of persuasion can at times force us to react against that message.

The Need For Consensus

This is the “monkey see monkey do” mentality.

We see others acting in a certain type of behavior, or adhering in a certain trend or belief, we’re more than likely to follow the crowd.

What this could reflect is true conformity, or it could be because of “social proof.”

The thinking being if it’s good enough for the masses, then it’s good enough for me.


Commitment And Consistency

What most want is to appear consistent, while behaving in ways which reflects our underlying beliefs.

For instance, someone gets their “foot in the door” and asks for a small favor, this to butter us up for a bigger ask.

This is common when it comes to charities, where you just donated a small $5 pledge, but are then asked to donate $100 to the same charity, later.

The Fright Of Scarcity

Once something appears to be unavailable, what most will do is panic or get intrigued and want more of it. This is a tactic marketers use.

This is the reason why retailers will offer “limited supplies,” or politicians will make you feel you’re the only one who’s got their attention, because you’re special.

I Like You… Really

This is not referring to social “Likes” on Facebook.

Once you happen to really like someone, you will more than likely agree with their message or whatever they’re offering, regardless of what it is.

Great speakers, influential marketers, top salesmen, will bank heavily on their public persona and image first.

They will attempt to be as likeable as possible, then deliver their message second.

To Be Reciprocal

If someone’s nice for you, then most often, you’ll be more likely to respond back in kind. This is a classic retailers tactic.

You’re given a free sample of a product, then you want to return the favor by buying the product or service, because you feel obligated to.

Your Personality And Influence

Cognition Is Fulfilled

Those who need to “think” about something, they’ll carefully scrutinize the information in detail first.

They may also be more wary or skeptical of authority figures, and dislike being told what to do.

Instead of taking someones advice, they’ll mull it over it, and will come up with their own reasons to buy something or not.

Extreme Conscientiousness

For those who are high in this trait, will usually comply to social proof.

They’re also more likely to stick to convention along with prescription. They’re influenced by those who concisely lays things out for them as expected.

The Need For Consistency

This can be a form of gullibility.

Once someone takes the first step towards a small action, they’ll be more likely to follow through on a bigger one since they enjoy consistency.

For them to resist the tendency of they not being consistent, their mind needs to be made up first by sticking to their principles they’ve decided on ahead of time.

Timing Becomes Important

Calculated timing becomes important, when it comes to attempting to change someones mind.

This is the reason why certain health or diet apps work, because what they’ll frequently do is alert you during the day, so you can modify your behavior.

What you’ll also need is to constantly check the app to know how you’re doing.

So what’s found is if you’re wanting to change something, such as a health related behavior, what you need is to set up reminders which prompts you to check your progress.

How To Influence Someone To Take Action

Whether someone is easily influenced or not, is a positive attribute which depends on the change they’re seeking.

When it comes to your energy or health you’re attempting to improve, you want to be influenced easily.

If you want to avoid being the target of certain marketing ploys which will deprive you of your money or self respect, now you know how to build up your resistance.

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