This Is Your Life To Live So Why Not Give It Your Best Shot

know what it is that defines your lifeIt all comes down to taking everything that you’ve ever learned in your life and then applying it to every moment moving forward. All of the hits and the misses, the wins and loses. Most however will learn a lot but will fail to define it, apply it. So practical execution is necessary.

We live for a limited time on a continuous journey that we direct. It’s our life, our destiny, our rules. This is how we should be defining our life. The thought at the end of the day being what is our legacy, the legacy, the memory that you’ll leave behind forever.

This legacy speech is not new but it carries weight, it never gets old. The majority of people learn that leadership is about having a vision and then forging a path. We’re all born to this earth to burn back into dust again, creation and defeat is that fragile.

The purpose of anyone, the human condition goes far beyond their immediate vision in life. The vision that we have while defining its process, the road which we create to achieve it, and to have lived it. Our ultimate legacy needs to be on a higher standard since it shows that we’ve actually accomplished something with our lives.

Our jobs, our weekly pay, we as individuals who work in organizations have a defined job description. Consider yourself as your own organization. There’s also a lot of people who are involved in this organization, and you’re the director, the CEO of your life.

Always Be Learning
Life is all about learning specifically what you need personally, so be selfish about it. It’s not about learning new technical skills based on your aptitude, or the soft skills such as effective communication, team work, or better negotiation.

What one needs for a successful life is to learn of oneself, look inward. Find out “Who the heck am I” should be the most pointed question in your quest, and that’s where you should begin daily.


Most people become disconnected or uncomfortable in this area of self awareness. Learning about their strength and weaknesses, which is similar to doing an assessment of ones own behavior, values, principles and mindset.

The majority of people will also just go through the learning process once, and then quit. They’ll then fail because they refuse to take it any further. These are also brilliant minds who we’re dealing with, with rigid mindsets.

They’ll learn something new but will refuse to absorb it, or they’ll learn but conveniently forget it whenever it comes to anything more than what they’ve already digested.

The greatest learning periods comes from observing our unique behaviors in different situations. This is when it’s said that people will learn from experience. But if this “experience” isn’t repeated often enough, it then becomes pointless as it handicaps our growth and development.

Learning To Develop Ourselves Better
We never know what’s good or bad until we compare ourselves, so comparison is a good starting point. When realizing how far we’ve come, we base it on how others or our surroundings are doing.

Most will learn and understand this way, but there are a select few who’ll attempt to develop, to excel, to set the standard. So the question remains, what actions are you taking to better the poor qualities of yourself.

Are you making a constant and conscious effort so that you’re developing for the better, to get stronger, to become waterproof. Development is the opposite of ignoring, until you do something that will improve it.

Never Stop Growing Or Learning
Make it a point to do at least one thing everyday which will make you feel uncomfortable, then overcome it. Always be pushing yourself, then you’ll be amazed how far you’ve come and are able to go.

Know that the other side of fear and worry is a place called freedom, your freedom. Remaining neutral isn’t growing. So to reach your full potential, what you need to do is rise above the fear and begin to soar.

Reaching Your Full Maturity
You need to tie all this together, apply everything that you’ve ever learned, and do so once you think all the pieces are there. What life teaches you is that there are no rights or wrongs or second chances, so just take action.


There’s heavy dependence that’s placed on circumstances and situations, ulterior motives and other dynamics. If you feel that you’ve learned everything that you need to about yourself, developed all of your strengths, grown to your full potential, then it’s time to apply it.

Once you apply everything, tie it all together, it’s called maturity. You realize by now what you know and what you’re capable of, and also that everything you know can’t be used in all situations. You discover that anger, for instance, can be as critical as patience under certain circumstances.

The Investment Which Is Your Life
To condense everything that is your life, you must be willing to learn, compress all this development together, and then the life exercise which is maturity occurs. These are the indicators, the trademarks of performance.

If you follow this protocol, you’ll then be leaving a legacy of your life and it becomes inevitable. People will remember you. Good work as well as intent will spread, irrespective.

The purpose of anyone’s life is to be useful somewhere or to someone. To be responsible, to be accountable, to be compassionate while showing empathy towards everyone.

All that matters is to matter somehow, to make a difference, be the difference, to be counted, to stand up for something, to of made a difference in this world, that you’ve lived a life, your life to full maturity.


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