Time Management Strategies Living A Faster Life Harms Your Health

AttemptingtoreduceHypertensionIt’s usually our health which ultimately takes the hit. Time and then urgency which turns into impatience is what’s associated with close to a 209% percent increase in unnecessary Hypertension, one of the biggest traits of Type A’s for developing heart disease.

According to a recent report, around 45% percent of adults actually suffer from potentially high levels of unhealthy impatience, which is more common among women as well as Caucasians.

Is Faster Really Better?
Attempting to slow down our lives in this fast paced world isn’t always easy. So listed are some of the proven techniques to help you to slow-down your pace and put some time back into the madness.

Setting Your Priorities
Make an effort and decision regarding what you consider is the most important to you, and then allow your schedule as well as your attitude to adjust and reflect your intentions.

For instance, if having a relationship and improving your overall health are high on your priority list, then turn off the computer or the TV, so you can free up your time for taking more walks with friends.

One Thing One Day At A Time
When you’re multitasking, it becomes almost impossible to be able to concentrate, feel proper or think clearly. When you attempt to do two or more things at one time, it splices our consciousness in two or more directions.

Waking Up Properly
Try setting your alarm clock earlier, so you won’t have to get up right when it rings. Then just lie there for a few minutes and listen to the savoring responses going through your mind. Think about what’s worth waking up for and what privilege it is to be able to live in such a wonderful world.


Don’t Bother Wearing Your Watch Sometimes
People will usually just hurry up once they see a clock, which is the primary reason why stores don’t have clocks, allowing you to relax, linger and buy.

There’s always less anxiety and stress once you’ve unstrapped your watch. Since you’ll find clocks absolutely everywhere, in your car, on your mobile devices and on your wall, you can still be on time. There’s also no real reason why you should be a slave to the clock and always having to be somewhere on time, especially when on your own free time such as evenings and weekends.

Listening To Soothing Relaxing Music
Your body actually begins to synchronize with the rhythm and sounds around you. So let that sound be music which you like to listen to. Go out and seek out your favorite music which is paced at a relaxed rate and one that matches your heartbeat, which should be around 60 beats per minute.

Resisting That Road Rage
Next time your blood pressure rises while in traffic jam situations, see it as an exercise in meditation. There isn’t a better opportunity for you to practice positive thinking while performing deep-breathing exercises and forgiving the other drivers or road conditions.

Finding Your Core Center
Proven techniques such as yoga or meditation allows you to be able to access and practice patience. They will naturally force you to become still and quiet, which effectively turns off your stress response. They will also help you in recharging your internal batteries while returning you back towards who you really are.

Taking It As Slow As Possible
We all learned that being as slow and methodical as possible will consistently win out over being fast paced and erratic. Much like the slower tortoise and the quicker hare. We find that being slow and steady does usually win the race.

People should be resisting the pressure and urge to do things in a hurry, and the one’s that do are enjoying richer and fuller lives. Also, this process of slowing down your life isn’t about unplugging your computer or giving up air travel. The goal is to do everything at your most comfortable pace, which can at times be quicker, or sometimes slower, or maybe somewhere in between.

Rather than compromising the performance, adjusting towards a healthier pace allows us to perform better. Those who are in complete control of their time are always more relaxed, creative, and thus productive. By slowing down, you’re able to extract more out of your life.

Properly Dealing With Time
Developing a healthy relationship with time begins at a very personal level, which may call for social change as well. There are over 25% of the workforce who actually don’t receive any paid vacation. It’s also legal for some employers to not give advanced notice to their workers demanding they stay past their scheduled shifts. Some employers will even take forms of disciplinary action towards those who refuse to work overtime.

That’s the type of cultural framework that needs to be changed. The focus is on money as well as consumption which has distorted values such as preserving health, more family time, participating in the community and improving the environment.


So it becomes vitally important to take back your time. Pay attention especially towards the impact that overwork as well as over scheduling has on your health and your relationships. In this fast paced world, it’s important to find the time to slow down your life, find quiet and be reflective by developing life-renewing activities.

So begin taking longer walks, longer soothing baths or cooking meals from scratch with your loved ones.

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