Why Building Genuine Relationships Is Important For SEO

how you can build relationships with your readersReaching out with your content while building solid relationships and personally interacting with your readers is a lot more important that building links to your site.

So if you’re wanting to raise your site’s profile and are looking for effective methods of execution, then actual bonding with the reader may be the way to go.

Properly constructing these one-on-one relationships also doesn’t involve attempting to somehow alter, cheat, or influence the Search Engine bots.

The attempt is to rather influence the individual at the other end of the computer to take action. This may be a difficult task however since everyone reacts differently based on their own emotions, personality, mannerisms, and attitudes.

One of the biggest emotions that you can use for attraction is by using empathy, which involves immersing topics and theories from the readers point of view. This is used to acquire trust, which leads to acknowledging similar exchanges, that results in building genuine long term relationships.

So what you need to have is a basic idea of how human behavior and their reactions work, this to better understand and track their actions. Most experts claim that this is what the search engines are now ultimately looking for.

We As Humans Are Never Satisfied
Whenever a basic human need or goal is met or reached, we instinctively set another one. There’s always something new that we want which is next on the “to-do” list, as this is basic human development. Every person that you come in contact with will always have some type of need.


This need could be something that they know they want, or something that they’re not even aware they could have. So to build relationships, you need to identify how that person you’re attempting to connect with, can some how benefit from they relating to you.

One of the first principles is by helping or doing that person a favor, this since they’ll then be obligated to pay back that favor. The idea being once someone helps you do something, it forces us to do something in return.

If you give free review copies of your latest ebook or product, then their conscience will naturally make them write a favorable review of your product on their blog, this because it was free. But not only does what you offer need to have value, it also needs to somehow help them reach their goal.

So instead of going out there and buying links from your clients or elsewhere, what you can do instead is do an exchange with them by offering free samples, special offers, a reduced price, or give them your expertise, this to influence them.

Know What Really Motivates People
Buying links for your site is now pretty much an extinct SEO tactic to most marketers, and especially the search engines. Since Google’s latest algorithm updates, these types of link building methods significantly reduces your chances of your site or blog even being indexed.

You’ll now need to work a lot smarter, know who you’re contacting with, while determining what you have to offer each other. It’s no longer about evaluating the keyword relevancy of a site.

Knowing Your Visitors Interests
The secret of building these relationships lies directly in understanding what their underlying interests are, along with their needs and how you can solve them. Knowing what the determining factor is that will motivate them, which determines how you can help each other.

You should be considering and treating every one of your customers as a friend. Empathy is the best method to view issues from their perspective, and understanding what exactly drives their behavior, and then decide how you’re able to influence or fulfill it.


Identifying What Your Target Market Is Looking For
So what you need to do is identify what your target market wants in order to influence them. The basic premise when it comes to relationship building is that you’ll need to “identify” what’s meaningful to the person that you’re attempting to reach.

The following “Identifiers” can be beneficial when it comes to negotiating an exchange:

Inspiration – Those who value this identifier are wanting to find meaning in whatever they do. So to connect with them, approach them with some type of cause, something which will lead towards something greater
Scarcity – This identifier can be used when resources or supplies may become scarce. So what you can offer them is expertise on a topic which is relevant to their site which they haven’t covered yet
Position – Those who value this identifier focuses on recognition, or their reputation, and ego. So create content which is completely relevant to their interests, showing you want to engage with them. Do so directly or through social media
Relationships – Those who want to value relationships are wanting to somehow belong. They’re wanting to feel connected personally with your organization, or you specifically. Prove to them that they’re not just a means to an end by involving them more
Personal – This identifier relates to someone on a completely personal level. You should be grateful for the help that they give you. It can be something as easy as writing a “Thank You” note or email, or sharing someone’s comment or blog post. Make it a habit of acknowledging them for their efforts

Know What Your Readers Want
The biggest advantage that marketers have is understanding what their customers are looking for, this because they’ll indirectly tell you by what they post online.

They’ll leave valuable clues which you can follow from their comments or blog posts, they’ll state their frustrations or needs on their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, indicating to you exactly what they want or need.

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