Why Medium Wants To Improve The Quality Of Online Content

someone who's excited reading content on the internetYou’ve finally come to realize that no one reads your articles, or views your Web Content, this because your information is completely irrelevant to everyone but yourself. So if you write this information, or have others to write for you, then welcome to the international club of redundancy.

If you’ve also spent any time just reading the content of other sites, or have large stacks of books on you’re nightstand, you also then realize that information that’s unique and fresh is still king. The quality and the originality of content does matter at all times.

So because of this, the founders of Twitter are creating a new online social medium, which happens to be called “Medium.” This site is dedicated to the concept that quality and originality of content matters.

The Internet has completely and successfully removed the barriers of sharing and borrowing information, it’s become too easy to just “Copy and Paste” information. Others call it plagiarism, the polite term being curation. So as a result, it’s completely diluted the quality of written information on the Internet.

Poor rehashed spun content which makes absolutely no sense is now abundant, everywhere, and it’s becoming an epidemic because of the ease of Web publishing. Google for instance, for years has rewarded sites which are frequently updated with unique content, which promotes quality over quantity.

On instant news broadcast sites such as Twitter, what happens is you can get buried and completely disappear and become a ghost within minutes, if you’re not constantly tweeting.

So as a result, people will tweet utter nonsense as often as they can in the hopes of staying relevant. So then the biggest complaint becomes poor unfiltered redundant content which clogs up the Internet.


A Rare Medium That’s Well Done
So what Medium (medium.com) promises to do is it will allow readers to collaborate on the various collection of information, and then be able to vote the content, if they find it useful, by voting it either up or down, which gauges prominence.

This way, the contributors won’t need to worry about developing their own audience, but just contribute quality unique content that’s helpful. If the content is good, then Medium will promote it for them.

So who knows if the Medium platform will succeed because of the plethora of new and existing social platforms on the Web, which also allows you to freely express yourself.

So if you do write poor content to promote your product, business, brand, or service, and publish it on a social platform, it’s recommended that you change your mindset and begin creating better quality content. Otherwise, the new “voted” protocols will push you off the grid.

How Poor Is Your Content
You need to ask yourself, as objectively as possible, the following:
• Will those who are reading my information learn anything new, which can either help them to solve a problem, or engage directly to their emotions, forcing them to take action

• Does every piece of information that you write, promote your product, brand or service at all times. If your content is always an announcement, or a marketing pitch of your product or feature, then know that your content is poor

• Would you yourself honestly spend your valuable leisure time, such as a Sunday morning, to read or view your content. This can be a tweet, a Facebook Newsfeed post, a video, or a blog post. This especially if you don’t know who the author was. If the answer is no, then your content definitely isn’t great

• Does your content actually benefit the reader or the viewer. Are they filled with acknowledgements, guest postings, or Thank You’s, which are bought or cohered. Do you need to ask, beg or pay someone, who owes you a favor, to comment on your blog, if so, your content most likely sucks

These techniques, however, have certain relationship building value, so to an extent, it’s recommended you do some of these techniques provided that you’re selective doing so.

The best way is to always make sure that you produce quality useful content which rewards your reader or viewers for their attention and time.


How To Improve Your Content
So what you need to do to improve the quality of your content, is to become consistent. One of the easiest ways to do so is begin paying more attention towards the content that others write.

This can be retweeting an excellent tweet, which just takes a second, or adding a comment which contributes to the original information. Try posting a link towards a fascinating informative article, video, or photo which someone else has created and uploaded.

Creating your own quality content from scratch requires a lot more creativity and investment of your time. But if you do it to somehow assist or help your audience, then they in return will reward your efforts and you can only benefit from it.


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