Why You Need To Start Building Your Online Personal Brand

creating my personal brandWhat we’re constantly doing is building our own personal online brand, creating our own personal network featuring ourselves, this to represent who we are since we have something to stand for. This the age of the Internet, where personification now rules.

What social media demands is the instant gratification of everything immediate, where anything we do or say can now go viral. We, they, and everyone else listens and reads because of what we represent, projecting some type of meaning to them.

This whether it’s our opinion of recent events, our angst, what it’s like to be human in a technological world. Regardless of what we choose to talk about, the Internet has now become how we project ourselves.

So what we happen to say, and how we choose to express it, has become the lens of how people view and judge us. Building a personal online brand matters, and this the reason why we build our own blogs and Fanpages.

These digital channels that we produce are important, both for professional and personal growth. We dictate what we want our personal brands to be, and others will follow. So build, cultivate, and feed it because it does matter.

Decide What You Want To Be
The simplicity of building your own personal brand is that it’s an open canvas, it’s your choice on what you want your virtual persona to be.

It becomes important to know who you are, then stay on track on certain topics, start a trend, express what you’re passionate about.


Decide Who You Want To Represent
What you already have is a built in audience, you just don’t know it yet. So before you start, create, and envision it, know the market segment that you’re targeting and wanting to represent.

You need to define who you’re wanting to target and influence. Decide which demographic, be it women, men, or both. Know the niche that you’ll be infiltrating, be it weight loss, marketers, designers, etc.

Create Identity Markers
Your personal online brand won’t mean anything unless you have an identity, an identifiable marker of who you are, a virtual birthmark, a recognizable uniqueness that sets you apart from others.

What your brand needs to say is this is me, my space, my domain. So develop a personal identifiable logo, one that sets you apart from everyone else online.

Network To Excess
Network, until you can’t network any longer, and then find reasons to network some more, never stop. This is how the business that you are in, works, this is how branding goes viral, how ideas spread, how perspectives and values change.

What people love to do is share, so talk to them about them, get them excited on social media, never stop communicating to them. The point being that word of mouth or one click at a time, helps spread your good brand.

What doing so does is it excites while encourages, allowing you to connect with others of influence, those who’ll lay down the path for you and your identity.

Go Forward Never Look Back
You won’t accomplish anything without taking a risk, so don’t play it safe. You won’t get anywhere procrastinating, that you’ll do it tomorrow, laying on your back and daydreaming about how great you’re going to be one day.

You expect to get there without ever doing any work, that just thinking about it is enough. You’re wanting to build something for yourself, and become successful, yet you’re sitting idle on the sidelines waiting. It will never materialize.

Realize that the things you want to achieve just won’t happen to you automatically. So have a plan, have the courage, take action, and be relentless going after them.


Create Your Personal Online Presence
So comes the time and opportunity to active the plan. You know you’re wanting to break away from the conventional format, and attack things a little differently, this to stand out and be noticed. So activate your plan, color outside the lines.

Begin by building a website, start a blog, search for and find the perfect template expressing who you are, represents you, something that exclaims, “this is me.”

Once you establish the foundation that you can build and call your own, then take all of these ideas that you’ve generated, and put them into motion. Push yourself off the cliff beyond being comfortable, do something that your fearful of.

Make Your Social Media Mark
Spread yourself around, as doing the labor of legwork becomes important. Meet others, exchange business cards and ideas, swap stories, blog your thoughts, and share profusely.

Doing this is necessary, while it can prove to by difficult for some, yet, choose to do so anyways. Start making a name for yourself online, and never quit until you make it.

The sooner that you establish your mark on all of the various social media platforms, the more that others who you’re wanting to influence will notice you, will begin associating who you are with your brand.

This is face-to-face networking, word of mouth, anything to go viral quicker. Your social media identity determines how you differentiate yourself from others in your industry, and how others will recognize you.

Be As Consistent As Possible
Make sure that you spread your name and company everywhere. On your blog, on all your social media accounts, contact information, email. Use the same branding trademarks and be consistent about it.

Being relentless will keep you relevant, this with your followers, fans, readers, friends, and family, knowing that they’re up to date. They’ll recognize the trend of things that you are, not because they know you, but because they recognize your brand.

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