Your Work Day Begins By Eating Healthy To Become Successful

preparing vegetables for the weekWhat eating properly does is scales you up in the right direction to sustain the daily rigors of planned living. Working and directing a career is one of life’s greatest achievements, and fueling yourself properly to reach these daily goals that are set, becomes a priority.

Although it becomes vital to visualize your success rituals first, realize that creating mental practices becomes just as important as creating physical practices. Combining and doing both then becomes exponentially more effective, than doing either separately.

So close your eyes and visualize, even for just a few moments a day, and witness yourself nourishing well, while looking and feeling great. Make the changes needed by converting your thinking from “This is a burden” to “I want to do this since I’m going to feel better.”

Consume Your Calories Rather Than Drinking Them
Most don’t realize that drinking a bottle of red wine a week packs around 10 pounds of calories per year on the body. Or that a glass of orange juice and two glasses of milk daily, will add an additional 150,000 calories or 40 pounds per year.

Since calories are fairly deficient in nutrients, there’s infinitely more benefits to be found when taking a multi-vitamin. So take advice from what the experts claim, when they recommend that water is the best thirst quencher.

Choose To Eat Whole Grains
Whole grain pasta and breads generally has more nutritional value, while making you feel full for longer. What’s also known is that switching over is an easy process. Most sushi restaurants for instance, now offer brown rice instead of white rice when requested.

Eating whole grain carbs since they break down slower, gives you extended periods of sustainable energy, which keeps you from snacking on junk food. These convenience foods will give you sudden bursts of energy that suddenly spikes and then crashes.

Combining Breakfast With Lunch
When you’re busy and have a quick breakfast such as a bowl of steel cut oatmeal, what’s found the best solution is having a large healthy lunch around 11AM, which consolidates with breakfast, which will keep you full until dinner.

This lunch could be a large bowl of steamed vegetables with dip and boiled eggs, or a kale salad with whole grain pilaf. The key is to feed yourself full by loading up on healthy foods such as whole grains, and then make a habit of it.

Use Smaller Plates When Eating Meals
This is one of the weight loss industry’s trade secrets, which prevents you from overeating far beyond the point of feeling full, and long past the point of no return of being hungry.

What’s known is that the illusion of using larger plates makes an average serving of food appear smaller, while smaller plates makes that same amount of food appear a lot more, thus making you feel fuller.

So what’s suggested is that large portions of fresh vegetables along with other healthy foods, always be served on larger plates, which encourages eating more.

The foods which aren’t as healthy should be served on smaller plates, this to fool the mind and stomach into feeling fuller, resulting in eating less.

Batch Together Your Health Foods
You can do this on the weekend, and that’s to prepare a batch of oatmeal, while also cutting up a supply of vegetables to last the entire work week ahead.

You can also make a large pot of soup or stew, or a veggie lasagna using whole wheat noodles, which you can conveniently reheat and eat during the busy week.

When making salads, slice and dice enough veggies for the entire family to eat for several days, which also makes more efficient usage of the kitchen.

Mindful Shopping At The Grocer
Avoid the temptation of putting any type of unhealthy impulse food into your shopping cart, just because it looks tasty or it’s on sale, or you’ve run out at that food item at home.


What’s common is that for many, especially with kids in tow, is that your willpower breaks down. So learn to resist buying all the decadent yet unhealthy fatty foods.

Treats such as ice cream, all three containers will be devoured within the first few days. It becomes an uncontrolled feeding frenzy until it’s gone. So what’s recommended is pacing the consumption, by supplying portions so it won’t be gobbled up immediately.

Never Eat Beyond A Certain Time At Night
What some will do is snack the entire evening until they’re ready to go to bed. The problem when it comes to eating late at night, is that your metabolism works on the new food you’ve just eaten.

What you’re telling your body is “Here’s some more fuel to keep going.” Then while you’re sleeping, your metabolism has no other choice but to keep active, thinking that you’re in starvation mode.

What then happens is that you wake up the next morning feeling hungry, and any food that you eat gets stored as fat. So other than packing on pounds, your body is burning energy inefficiently.

What’s recommended is to tell yourself that any type of food, this regardless of what, you won’t eat after 8PM, this even if you’re out at a social event where food’s being served.

Unless you set this rule, you’ll just continue to nibble away on snacks, just because it’s there.

Always Check The Food Labels
When reading the ingredient labels at home or the grocery store, always check the fat and fiber content per serving.

What appears or labelled as healthy food, such as whole wheat non-fried baked crackers, can show on the label that they contain zero fiber, but can contain as much fat as half a pint of ice cream.

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