Why Is It You Attract The Same Toxic Relationships In Life

A toxic relationship is defined as those recurring love affairs you know are bad for you, yet you enter into them anyways, despite how hard you say to yourself, never again. They make you feel sad, you know you’ll end up disappointed and bitter, yet you get seduced into the vortex.

What true love is supposed to be is fulfilling. A soulmate is supposed to complete you, but what you feel instead is loneliness and disappointment.

Any love affair which has anxiety and pain, are more common than the ones …

Immediate Writers Needed: Get Paid To Write Online From Home

Those who write as a career are unappreciated, which is fact. You spend hours planning, writing, rewriting and editing your work, only to have it rejected once you have the courage to publish it. Wouldn’t it be great to have a proven resource to get paid for your efforts?

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When starting this or anything new, you need to kick down the front door with an …

7 Ways Of Knowing Who Your True Friends In Life Are

As we grow older, what we eventually do is reach a point in our lives when we don’t really expect much from anyone. We realize we’re ultimately on our own in this journey called life, regardless of who claims to be our friend or ally, family included.

It turns out our only true friend is me, myself and I. What we do as a result is settle and get to know and befriend ourselves.

We eventually become jaded and lose faith in others, wondering if they will really be there …

How To Recognize And Avoid Those Toxic People Among Us

There are certain people in this world who are toxic. They hide in the cubicles of life, waiting to prey on your sensitivities like the plague. They’re around everywhere and are considered the downside of the human condition. We all know one or several of them, and we try to avoid them.

We are usually associated with them as relatives, someone you work with, or you may know them socially.

If you’ve ever encountered or are required to spend time with them, you know exactly how exhausting and destructive they …

Is Becoming Attracted To Someone A Chemical Reaction

What’s often said is opposites attract, as it’s an electromagnetic occurrence which naturally occurs. It’s known there are a set of unwritten rules, when it comes to the attraction process. In a world full of strangers, there are a series natural laws which brings individuals together.

Is this attraction just a matter of a chemical reaction, where there’s spontaneous combustion.

What’s known for certain when it comes to the animal kingdom, is in a perfect world, the opposite sex is naturally attracted to one other.

The reason for this, is …