How Using Human Behavioral Segmentation Will Make Your Customers Buy

The psychology of basic human decision making, is motivated by three distinct actions: knowledge, emotion, and desire. These primary behaviors have remained true since the dawn of mankind, and is the core of human intent today. So influencing consumer buying habits still remains the same, when it comes to making online marketing decisions, as they did selling “widgets” fifty years ago.

Using the various behavioral targeting tools, online marketers now have the resources to be able to capture data regarding basic human emotions, and then take advantage of them to tailor marketing campaigns.

What doing so does, is it …

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Why Your Career In This New Micro Economy Is Becoming Extinct

We’ve been conditioned not long ago, just a few decades ago, the belief and instruction was to get a good education, do well at school and preferably get post secondary education. This so that we can get a great job at that great big corporation downtown. Then we’re stationed at a cubicle for the next 40 years, working feverishly until retirement. This was known as a career.

But then, modern day technology stepped in. What it did was promised to make our lives easier, retire sooner, so we could go buy that boat and cottage, and enjoy a life …

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How To Retain Customers Using Proven Relationship Marketing Methods

What’s known is that it costs a lot more to acquire a new customer for your business or service, than it does keeping your most loyal ones. For this reason alone, the best way of becoming more profitable by lowering costs, is by keeping your most loyal customers by they continuing to patronize you. What this leads to, is learning better relationship marketing.

In this world of instant gratification that we now live in, it’s known that these once “regular” customers, are no longer as loyal as they once were. At one time, these customers searched you out, and …

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When In Business The Only Thing That Matters Is Closing The Sale

Sales and marketing is the battle field for every business, and is definitely a tough gig. It’s a fishing expedition everyday. Attempting to sell your product, comes down to nothing but a numbers game. Exposure of that product to qualified buyers, results in a certain percentage who will buy.

But what the majority of salesman, novice or experienced constantly fails to do, is properly qualify their prospect. They will talk their ear off, ramble their spiel pointlessly, talking about nothing, while never finding out exactly what their prospects wants or needs.

That’s around the time when the potential buyer, …

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Ways A Massive Ego Can Interfere With Your Marketing Strategy

The almighty ego, thinking that you’re better than you actually are, acts as a shield to protect your insecurities. Everybody has one, whether big or small, faint or narcissistic, which can block your success. What we constantly have is this need to be right at all times, even if we know we’re wrong. We incessantly talk about ourselves to annoyance, coming from a standpoint of arrogance.

So it comes down to how we harness this ego. The most effective way, is to play to our strengths. When it comes to business, if it’s always “me, myself, and I,” then …

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How To Apply The Scientific Law Of Multiplication To Create Wealth

It’s thought that every motion we make in life, is a calculated predetermined protocol that can be traced. Some claim that it’s just a series of scientific steps, that one can follow to get whatever they want in life. This case study is based on what most want, which is generating more money. The belief being, that there’s a step-by-step scientific set of laws that it abides by, that can’t fail.

We’re all familiar with the grade school mathematical formula of multiplication, which is a strict scientific protocol which is found everywhere. This in nature, our everyday life and …

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Subliminal Reasons Why We As Consumers Will Buy A Particular Brand

When it comes to our decision making, this strictly on a biological and mechanical basis, what our subconscious mind will do is take a crude snapshot, a visual inventory of what’s registered by the eye. Then the brain attempts to process what it saw, and interprets the data of what it thinks it’s seen, to the conscious mind. It supplies a detailed image of the event or object, this in a split-second.

So what the mind may perceive and what’s actually real, may not always be the true image of what’s actually there. It’s instead an image that’s constructed …

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How We Fall Victim To The Desperate Need Of Materialistic Values

What we the mass herd of humanity is constantly forced into, is blindly complying to society’s economical materialistic value system, which is driven by greed. What we now ignore, are the stern warnings that were issued at the dawn of the twenty first century, that the dictator of our lives would be corporate manipulation.

We know that companies will frequently go in and out of business, or they’ll merge to form huge conglomerates, this to exert an ever growing brand influence over the general public. Products will also come and go, as there’s an ever growing demand to innovate …

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What The Frack Is Going On With The Fluctuating Global Oil Prices

What we’re currently experiencing, is lower global crude oil prices, this in a world of increasing industrialization. The immediate benefit for consumers, is that if you drive a car, what’s realized are lower gas prices. This is great, as gas is one of the biggest expenses of our daily routine. The global battle behind the scenes, that is the volatile oil prices, we consumers are the benefactors of something that’s completely out of our control.

In this world of perpetual inflation, the best news is lower prices on all consumables, that’s associated with oil. Although this fluctuating price of …

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It’s Time To Stop Trading Your Time For Money By Earning Passive Income

At some point in our working lives, for many of us, we ponder. “Is this it? Is this all there is to life? To worship the almighty dollar so we can survive another day?” What most will do in this modern economy on a daily basis, is exchange their time for money. The pay that they receive, becomes dependent on how many hours and how efficient of a job they do, or place into their assigned work.

Then at the end of the week or month, they get paid for their efforts and will then spend it however they …

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