Hey Dolt Proof That Sarcastic People Are Smarter Than You

all day longTo be sarcastic, sarcasm as a joke form, so they say, is the ability to subtly insult someone without they immediately or never realizing it. In most cases, projecting sarcasm is thought to be a means of indirectly expressing passive aggression toward others, intentionally.

Or it could also be because of the insecurity of oneself, feeling a need to pick on or defame others, this to feel more superior. In some cases, sarcasm acts as a shield, a buffer from all the morons that are encountered. It’s their fault that they can’t handle the truth.

What sarcasm reveals are …

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See The Blinking Lights Once You’ve Met Your Soulmate In Life

finding your soulmateDare to call them a soulmate, whatever that means, as most think that’s some type of fairytale that likely doesn’t exist. Imagine another human that you’re totally aligned with chemically, how can that be possible. After all, life is about oneness, struggle and turmoil, right?

Just the thought that there is that one person out there who’s suitable to fulfill your every whim is too abstract a thought. Yet, we live on a planet of over 7 billion people, so it’s arrogant to think that there isn’t, that you’re so unique, that you’re on your own in this life.…

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The Key Foundation For Those Who Are Successful Is Hard Work

what winners doWhat we constantly obsess over is reading, writing, and reacting about the lives of others who are a lot more successful than we are, this to the point of obsession or delusion. We all want to take on their lives, our mentors, emulate how they’ve achieved their success.

So we absorb, pick up the habits of these successful individuals and we do so, this to be exactly like them. Regardless of who your superhero might be, one thing for certain that’s found common among them, is that they always take action. They’re never lazy.

What’s found however, which is …

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The Signs Telling You To Grow Up And Get Your Life Together

how to find yourselfDon’t tell me what to do, it’s my life, who do you think you are telling me I should do this and shouldn’t be doing that. This the precious and the ignorance of independence. Then one day, it hits you with a thud, you tell yourself it was fun while it lasted, but it’s time to grow up.

You’ve hurt the feelings of people because you can, you’ve lost friends and the faith of others because of your selfish acts, and the chaotic behavior to fight for greedy me time. You begin to realize the “currency” you built up …

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Why We All Need A Technology Break By Doing A Digital Detox

when technology becomes too muchJust half a century ago, the technology that we have today was a futuristic space fantasy, was science fiction. Imagine a small device that you can carry in your pocket which acts as a phone from anywhere you are, while also being able to access the Internet instantly. Scotty, beam me up.

This since all of this technology has now become an essential part of our daily leisure and working lives, this because of the affordability and availability of smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

True all this has facilitated the efficiently of our everyday lives, but for others it’s …

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The Key To Success Is Getting Up Once You’ve Been Knocked Down

learn to bounce backWhat life does is it’ll throw us curve balls, sets us on a weaving journey of snakes and ladders, dishing out ups and downs when we least expect it. Life is filled with failure, learning, and challenges. The key is to get up, brush off, and then try again. Welcome to the human rat race.

No one can be successful at everything they try, just as it’s not possible to fail at everything. What we have is the capacity to learn new things that we’re good at. Once we go through a challenging phase and fail, then what we’ll …

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The Arrogance Among Us Why Some Come Across As Superior

someone coming across as smugSome just come across as being smug, but are they really any better, the consensus being that they’re not. It’s the condescending attitude, the air of arrogance that’s being projected, thinking that they’re simply better.

The reason its found is that they’re usually masking low self-esteem issues. There’s no exact definition on why some will act this way, while the superiority they project doesn’t make them that likeable. Only they know the reasons why they display this behavior, that what they feel is entitlement.

That they think they’re just better than everyone else. What they perceive is they have …

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Avoid The Poor Attitude Choices Which Will Set Your Life Back

it is your life so just liveWhat we all want is to live a clear clean crisp life with no regrets. A transparent slate as the decades and the memories pile up as we enter our twilight. What we also don’t want is endlessly waiting until tomorrow, hoping that’s the day things will get better.

The problem is we think that there’s more time than there actually is. Then one day, we’ll wake up realizing we no longer can’t do the things that we’ve wanted to do. We’ll then begin listing the goals that we’ve achieved, while dwelling on the excuses on an unfulfilled life.…

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To Be Liked: The Methods Of Making That Good First Impression

how not to be annoyingWhen it comes to engaging with others, there are certain unwritten rules, traits to adopt when making that good first impression, and you have one chance to do so. The most common including your body language, dressing accordingly, controlling your anxiety levels when meeting someone for the first time.

But know that any impression extends beyond that initial first instinct. If you’re going to get people on your side, to like you, whether at work, or among your friends and family, you need a well polished follow up act.

Impression management comes down to minimizing your mistakes. To magnify …

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Why Your Annoying Behaviors Will Push Others Away From You

don't wait until tomorrowTo be honest, we’ve all at times acted a bit toxic, damaging our persona at one time or another. We’re not alone when it comes to the occasional mood swing or arrogance. Most will mature and evolve, becoming balanced and aware enough to be able to restrain ourselves.

Once these behaviors begin to reveal themselves, it then becomes damaging to our personal self, social success, and our business welfare. So what we need to do is recognize whenever we’re behaving badly, and then consciously stop that annoying mindset.

Realize if you yourself lack the ability to control yourself, harness …

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