The Key To Be Liked Is Having A Sense Of Humor While Listening

laughing outloudBeing likable can be considered a key predictor when it comes to how successful your life and work will be. From getting invited to hang out with the cool kids, the hip parties, or getting that coveted job promotion. Being likable opens the door for you.

What being likable does is gravitates others towards you, an excellent way of maximizing your exposure to feel welcome, to develop an aura of attractiveness, which increases your likability quotient. What’s possible is you can make yourself more likable.

What you need is a prompt witty sense of humor not sarcastic. There’s proof throughout history that all the greatest leaders of this world, are the ones who’s developed a keen sense of relief, to be funny, to ease the tension.

What goes hand in hand with humor, is the ability to astutely listen to others, which will increase the odds of you being liked in any situation.

To React Positively
There are mental and physical benefits when it comes to positive emotions, and laughter provides that, as what chuckling does is forces the release of endorphin’s and enzymes, which serves as natural painkillers.

The instance that we laugh, we feel better, and once we feel good, we become more productive at work, are more pleasant, become more attractive lovers. The greatest gift we can offer is making everyone around us feel better, by making them laugh.

To Transmit Emotions
Another point of being liked is having the ability and the capacity to be able to transmit modes of thought to each other, this for the sole purpose of communicating better.


The emotional communicative bond between mother and child is instantaneous, this immediately after birth, this through facial expressions and sound. From the tone of a person’s voice, what’s instantly realized is if they’re in a good or a bad mood.

Emotions are also contagious, so it’s no coincidence that if a partner isn’t feeling that great emotionally, then the other begins to feel depressed as well. They catch the emotions of their partners, much like they would a cold.

To Laugh At Things
So be giddy, as being happy is also contagious. This is why most comedies on TV will begin with an artificial laugh track, this to get you in the mood, this to infect positive humorous feelings.

When the economy gets tough, there’s a tragic event, it’s the brilliance of humor by the late night talkshow hosts, that turns an otherwise gloomy event comical.

It’s the nature of the human condition to want to feel good, and because humor transmits, what everyone does is gravitate towards those who exudes positive emotions, someone with a good sense of humor.

This is why the funniest comedians of this world are the highest paid entertainers, as they injecting a bit of funny into what would otherwise be a bland situation, places them in high demand.

On a daily basis, you hear, “I love working for that boss, because he has a great sense of humor.” You never hear, “I love working for that boss because he’s always depressed and irritable.”

The Selection Process
This is why those with a great sense of humor attracts their share of attractive partners, often a mismatch, since they’re not always that attractive themselves. Physical attractiveness goes out the window if funny.

Based on surveys on interpersonal attraction, the number one reason why women are attracted to their mates, is because they make them laugh.

So to make yourself more likable, connect to or develop your sense of humor. There are proven ways on how you can do so:


• Observe others and realize how everyone takes themselves and the situation around them too seriously, this at all times
• Take a few moments everyday to look at funny videos on YouTube, or think of the things which makes you laugh. You’ll feel an injection of adrenaline, which melts your stress away. Always find the humor in everything
• In your next meeting, start it by telling the joke of the day, this to release tension. Companies who do so regardless of the circumstances, brings more enthusiasm to the workplace, this much more than donuts can

Learning To Listen Well
It’s also easy to see how the natural selection process favors those who are great listeners. The ones who pays attention to others, and not so much on themselves, is what enhances the likability factor.

Active listening is a core fundamental survival tool, as what listening to others does is allows you to collect data to solve issues, innovate better, while strengthening interpersonal bonds.

A noted accomplished trait of great leaders is their ability to listen, and is true in every profession and interaction, this from executives, to doctors, to good parents. Keen listening becomes imperative.

The ability to have the discipline to listen, shows how much respect you have for others. There are ways to refine your skills:

• Never interrupt anyone, as what doing so does is indicates that you’re not listening
• It’s better to respond to what others say, this rather than initiating a new topic
• Validate your understanding by summarizing or repeating what the person is saying
• If you don’t understand or need clarification, then always ask questions
• Keep in mind the function of listening is to collect information, so you can help enhance their lives or yours

Be Funny And Listen
The secret solution for those who are ultra-successful, is having an active sense of humor, transmit emotion, while listening intently. It can be as simple as that.

So if you’re wanting to become more likable, more popular, appear to be more attractive to others, this is all it takes, which is to improve on these core human traits.

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