How The Power Of Suggestion Has Transformed Magic Into Lives

the power of suggestionThink that magic is happening in your life right now, so try to grasp it. The force of repeated suggestion can overcome any doubt, which acts directly on our emotions, which ultimately penetrates the depths of our subconscious minds, becoming repetitive and real.

This is the core principle of successful advertising, the massive marketing objective of pounding a brand or a product into the mind of the consumer, this into submission, this to the point that it makes one believe, so much that they become eager to buy.

For centuries, it was suggested, it was conditioned that the majority of vegetation was poisonous. Most dared not eat them until some fearless person ate a tomato for instance, and survived, while others weren’t as lucky eating poisonous plants.

Any religion is just the power of repeated suggestion, its belief teachings being hammered into us from a young age, into our parents, passed down from generations to obey the holy rule.

The Influence Of Believing
Statements such as “Ignorance is bliss” takes on greater significance once one realizes it’s just the things that they know is what can harm them. The things that they’re consciously aware of. How can a certain belief harm you if you don’t even know it exists.

It’s known that babies have just two fears, loud noises and the the fear of falling. The rest of the fears are passed on, develop as a result of their experiences. They feel fear because they’re taught, hear, or see it.

Macho men and dynamic women strong as oak trees, can stand up tough, this amid a variety of crosscurrents of thoughts which whirls around them. But most are like twigs, they’ll snap at the slightest breeze, surrendering to stronger winds.


The Power Of Suggestion
Watching sporting events gives us real life actual proof of the power of suggestion. Coaches will constantly use the power of will, suggestion, and use it repeatedly. They can alter the outcome of the individual players and the team results.

Professional sporting events is drama at its finest. The fans watching, the coaches coaching, have no idea what to expect from their team on any given Sunday. A championship team can lose, the underdog can upset and win.

A favorite team is expected to win because they have the most talented players. It’s the coach who motivates these players to victory, altering their mindsets to perform at their best on that particular day, this by the power of suggestion.

The Ripple Effect Of Thought
You see a similar force at work when it comes to the volatility in the financial markets. Unfavorable news, underwhelming profit reports will immediately depress stock prices, while favorable news raises them.

The intrinsic value of the stocks aren’t changed, but there’s an immediate change in the thinking, the attitude of the market operators, forcing prices to fluctuate.

What these messages immediately impacts are the investors, the traders who panic in the frenzy. They become frantic not on what will actually happen, but what they believe will happen, which causes them to buy or sell.

The Influence Of Massive Thought
During the Great Depression, it was this same power of suggestive force which spiraled on a macro scale, this bottoming out the economy. What the masses heard, day after day, was that “Business is bad” “Times are hard,” that “The banks are failing.”

The drastic stories of doom and gloom regarding how bad things were in the world spread like wildfire, about business failures on every street corner, the Great Depression became a national chant.

Millions believed that the once prosperous days would never return. Millions of once strong willed individuals melted down by the constant hammering of the suggestion that things were catastrophic.

What Becomes Of Collective Thinking
Even today, there is the continuous tapping of the same fearful thoughts. Money matters are always sensitive, and most will run for cover once these dreadful suggestions begin to circulate. What follows are business failures and high unemployment rates.


Economic recessions or business failures would be reduced, once the public realizes that it’s the culmination of their own fearful thoughts, which literally creates these difficult times.

Once one thinks of hard times, then those hard times will appear on cue. Once the population stops thinking of economic depression or war, they’ll become nonexistent, as nothing comes to fruition unless it’s first created by our emotional thinking.

Manifestation Becomes Absolute
Throughout the ages, for the leaders and common folk, either religious or otherwise, have demonstrated the ability to suggest nothing into something, things which were needed at that moment.

We hear of loaves of bread or fish suddenly appearing, great journeys, military conquests, all from the result of suggestion and manifestation.

These magnificent events in the history of mankind exists because the authors decided, this with conclusive certainty to allow and willed them to happen. Those who accomplished these great events became enlightened, and believed they could do it.

The Belief Of Suggestion
Suggestion is a process that’s used to create or allow for different circumstances, certain materials to exist. This begins with a conscious decision, having the absolute conviction to allow this desire to become true. It needs to be precise and not vague.

Once you know and define what you want, be it fame, love, riches, inner peace or anything else, the manifestation can then begin. You need the ability to concentrate exactly on what you desire, and not the lack of it.

The energy needs to be spent on envisioning that you already own it, this rather than it being absent from you. The substance of what you want already exists in the universe, so you just need to claim it.

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