The Need To Master Self Abundance Before Becoming Wealthy

the abundance of natureIf you’re currently struggling with money issues, that the world has dealt you a bad hand, then it’s time to do a reality check. Realize you’re immensely abundant, rich and wealthy regardless of what your bank balance says. Abundance is a state of mind.

It’s tempting whenever you’re struggling with money issues that’s it’s the cruel hands of fate striking you. There you are, you think you’re working hard, but all you see is more money going out than coming in, while you see others attract all the wealth they …

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When Facing Change Why Not Turn It Into A Better Opportunity

how to adapt to changeWhat’s agreed is that change is inevitable. That we’re faced with change practically every moment. Time ticks forward by the second. So it’s up to us to maximize this time and change it to our benefit. Our life is in a constant state of change, facing new opportunities.

Our daily routine is full of change. Although by habit, we take the same route to work everyday, but the weather conditions are different, different cars, viewpoints, opinions, and our mood will always be different. Our bodies will feel bloated or full …

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Know Your Propensity Level For The Willingness To Take Risks

taking a riskWe all take risks on a daily basis. Cross the street against oncoming traffic, wear red instead of blue. We all differ in our appetite, from those who are adrenaline junkies, to those who are extremely cautious, to those unwilling to take any degree of minor risk in their life.

Taking risks is a thought process of the immediate environment, the degree of how safe one wants to feel, which is a result of evolutionary conditioning, that’s healthy or beneficial to us. How successful one is, depends on how much …

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Knowing The Signs And Tells If You’re Being Manipulated Or Not

spotting those who manipulateBeing manipulated can be described as an action of undue influence, this through mental distortion along with emotional exploitation if one is unaware. This with the intention to seizing control or power, gaining benefits or privileges, this at the victims expense.

Know the difference between strict manipulation and common social influence from intentional complicity. Social influence is common between interaction at work, home, or among friends, while psychological manipulation is used to gain benefit over another.

What this manipulation if one isn’t aware, does is deliberately creates an imbalance of …

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How To Get That Precision Work Leisure Balance In Your Life

looking for balance in lifeWe’re wound up like a windup toy and then released into this world, to make a productive living the best way we can. We get scattered as we’re pulled into various directions while we attempt to find ourselves, to find our niche, to decide what to do in life.

We then choose to become independent professionals, members of the workforce, or artists barely scraping by to make a living. We stumble then we fall, but keep on keeping on. This constant work life balance ultimately reveals itself in our lives …

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How The Forces Of Life Attracts Us Towards The Wealth We Want

how water is formedWhat those who are in tune are capable of knowing, is what others are thinking. That if the state of awareness is strong enough, anyone could have a direct influence on those around them, as others have on them. There are natural laws of the universe which dictates and controls these thoughts.

By the powers which are enforced in the relevance of how things abstractly form and operate in this world, certain substances are naturally attracted to each other, this to the degree of the common affinity of how things …

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How To Geek Out Technology To Achieve Better Productivity

an efficient workstationNothing can make your work more efficient than taking advantage of the latest technology that’s available. There’s also nothing that could slow you down, than the beast that is digital electronics, which begins to falter and disrupt the workflow process.

Once mounting technical issues arises, solving them rather than getting any work done becomes the issue. To become more productive, it doesn’t mean that you need the most expensive computer available, but rather learning how to be more efficient.

This could be by making just a few adjustments, a tweak …

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Follow What All Those Energetic People Do On A Daily Basis

how some have more energyYou see them in constant perpetual motion, always on the run. They’re full of zest as their energy levels appear at maximum rage. This is not by accident but by design, as they know how to energize themselves so they’ll be at their peak performance at all times.

It doesn’t matter what you do or who you are, if you don’t have the energy, you won’t have the courage or the stamina to do whatever it is you’re doing. You feel sluggish getting out of bed, dread going to work, …

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