The Chemical Reaction That Occurs When Meeting Someone New

nonverbal-cues-of-attractionThere’s a mutual magnetic attraction that occurs when meeting someone for the first time. A chemical reaction, a spark that occurs, this before our conscious mind can realize or comprehend what’s happening, as it’s beyond our senses. What occurs is an act of science, this before saying “hello.”

There’s a sense of anxiety which is quickly overtaken by anticipation, that’s ultimately consumed by excitement. The heart pounds as the sweat glands activate, this when meeting someone for the first time, this especially a romantic encounter such as a blind date. …

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9 Consequences When Choosing To Think More Positive Thoughts

Choosing to think positive is a lot more more work that thinking negative, which is the default setting in the brain. Most expect bad things to happen to them, which justifies their negative thinking, proving they were right. Just hope for the best, while expecting the worst. The key to a life that’s healthy and happy is staying positive, regardless of the circumstances or outcome. Although happiness, being optimistic may take more effort, but remaining so has proven to keep the body and the mind fit and tension free. Staying …

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The Need To Show Empathy Instead Of Constantly Judging Others

showing-compassionWhat most don’t realize is that there’s a significant step one can take right now, which can alter whatever it is in their life they’re wanting to change, this for the better. It’s the choice to move away from being constantly judgmental, towards a state of showing empathy, this first for themselves, which then affects everyone around them.

Empathy is defined as a deep caring for the pain or distress that someone is feeling, which is accompanied with a desire to help. There’s nothing that feels better, more fulfilling and …

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Clinical Ways On Finding More Meaningful Purpose In Your Life

finding-purposeWhere would you rate yourself on the meaningfulness scale, this when it comes to your life, your career. Gauge yourself, do you feel that you’re operating, functioning on purpose, that you have found your true calling in life, and acting on it. That you have definition and sense on a daily basis.

What most do in their life is just react on emotion, this when it comes to their livelihood, their career and social life. They go on autopilot, join the rat race treadmill of life, and this happens for …

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10 Reasons Why It’s Better To Be Single Than In A Relationship

What everybody dreams of is finding their “soulmate,” that one special person who they can share their life with. Surely, that’s one of life’s true pursuits and obligations, as being in a relationship is one of the best things that can happen and expected of you. However, most find out that can be an illusion, as being single has its advantages. Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely, as to many it spells relief and freedom. There are a number of individuals, this by choice, who are single and are …

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9 Ways To Inject Passion Back Into Your Relationship

There’s that first initial attraction where you blink first, that person who rocks your life, along with they blushing once discovering each other, fall in love, as there’s the congenial obsession and gushing.

The endless romance, the touching, the uncountable promises, the brilliant dreams of a bright future together, which continues nonstop until the wee hours of the morning.

Then reality eventually strikes, as one begins to annoy the other, as the persistent habits overcomes and can become suffocating. The dating then becomes tiresome, and especially for those who’s been …

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