Combining Content Marketing With Effective Native Advertising

content marketing strategyContent marketing is an advertising strategy, a creative marketing approach, which focuses on developing and distributing valuable relevant content of immense interest to its readers. This to attract and retain this audience, which is concisely focused and defined.

The purpose being to drive forward more focused profitable consumer action. What cutting edge online marketers are now discovering, is that the conventional bombardment of traditional advertising is no longer effective, and are now realizing better fundamental methods.

This since consumers are now becoming turned off and shifting away from the overwhelming proliferation of traditional marketing, which they’re constantly exposed to hundreds of times per day.

This includes television and magazine ads, and especially online ads, where the blaring, blinking, and flashing banner ads are being ignored, this to the point of abandoning sites because of “ad” annoyance.

What Is Content Marketing
What content marketing attempts is to alter the mind of the targeted audience, this by informing them rather than selling them. It’s the best example of non-interruption marketing, by not broadly pitching products or services, pressuring them to buy.

It’s intent of delivery is to make the potential buyer more enlightened. The aim of content marketing, is providing concise unique relevant information which is consistent, which hopefully earns the readers loyalty and business.

As a result, content marketing is now being used by the biggest brands in the world, this to level with the consumer socially on a peer-to-peer basis, because it works.

Content Marketing Just The Entry
For those businesses who creates content, are realizing that publishing is just the first step, the core basic entry to the entire content marketing process. Yet, there’s only a handful who’s invested in a dedicated content distribution strategy.

Strategic content distribution becomes extremely important, as these businesses are in a constant battle of competition with each other, to get more readership for their data.

The content needs to be continuously improving, this by increasing brand awareness, this by optimizing social and search reach, while being responsive to mobile.

What also needs to be known are realizing who the top influencers in the industry or niche are, while reaching out to them as part of the content marketing plan.

Content Marketing Improves SEO
Those involved in content marketing, naturally ranks higher in the search engines because of their unique content. What’s then activated are all the traditional SEO benefits such as links, shares, and other signals which are valuable for increased rankings.

Informative high quality content will also attract all the available social media triggers, such as “likes” and “shares,” all which contributes towards better ranking with the search engines.

Proper search engine optimization, this by using strategic keyword research in the content, still remains the primary driver for better ranking.

The “Hard Sell” Now Ignored
What the majority of buyers claim is that it’s informative content, which has the biggest impact when it comes to their purchasing decisions. The majority also say that the traditional hard sell and blatant advertising is a complete turn-off.

The marketers who are constantly pushing their products are now likely to be ignored, such as those annoying banners by those persistently retargeting. What’s more valuable is dedicating their efforts towards providing content distribution.

Content Marketing And Social Media Benefits Each Other
The viral nature of social media has proven to be a dynamic way of igniting content information like wildfire. So what’s seen are the continued efforts of brands using social media, as a weapon to reinforce their content.


What this leads to is an increase of organic social media, along with paid social media advertising. Businesses are expected to increase their spending to promote posts, such as articles on their blog.

Native Advertising Integrated With Content Marketing
Native ads, which seamlessly integrates and hides in the body of the content marketing piece, has become the most effective method of conversion for current publishers, as it naturally flows with the information.

Since banner ads are now becoming less effective, strategically placed branded and sponsored native ads which are blended into the content is increasing, this because of their effectiveness.

Both advertisers and publishers are now working closely to insure that the paid content, adds to the user experience.

Approaching Content Marketing
For content marketing to be effective, what it needs is to deliver value to its reader, and not just leave an impression. It’s purpose is the creation and the viral sharing of media by publishing the content, this to acquire and then retain customers.

This content can be presented in a variety of formats, such as blog articles, ebooks, videos, white papers, case studies, infographics, how to guides, etc.

To Build Loyalty
The purpose when it comes to effective advertising when using content marketing, is to firmly embed and build brand memory and loyalty. What this strong brand establishment does is helps people make decisions.

What then results is the increase in consumer purchasing, this based on familiarity, as what trusted brands will do is help buyers select their particular product when in doubt. What this eliminates is spending their time reading and comparing products.

Effective Content Marketing
What effective content marketing does is reforms. That excellent content enlightens the reader to information they previously didn’t know. It surfaces information which the readers will find helpful for them, this to take action.

What content marketing does is educates. It informs readers on how to abstractly think about a topic, product, or service. Content marketing done right alters the reader out of their mindset.

Content marketing is capable of delivering bottom line results. What makes it works best is that it’s organic, where the material is informative, entertaining, and memorable. The ability to relay a story, by concisely communicating it.

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