Do What The Top Pro Athletes Do To Reach Peak Performance

someonegettingapowernapSleeping is something that we all enjoy, it also remains one of the greatest mystique’s to mankind. Once we wake up, however, once the new day begins, we all want to get off to the best possible start.

It’s well known that professional athletes will get off to a great start by developing a strict routine which helps them and their bodies to begin each day off on the right foot.

So regardless of what you do, you can adopt these similar protocols as well.

The majority of these athletes in the pursuit of peak performance, to be in tune with their body to perform at their best, will go through a preparation ritual before each and every game or event.

It begins long before they’re expected to perform on the field, court, or ice. The best ones will usually begin their routines the very instance that the wake up. They will follow this pattern, at times more by habit, with absolute fierce devotion since they know it activates their subconscious and their autonomic patterns which places them in “the zone.”

What being in the zone does is it describes the exact condition of awareness and readiness which helps these individual prepare for ultimate performance and success.

Some will even become extremely quirky or superstitious, such as they making their hotel beds before their competition, or dressing a certain way for instance, becoming completely obsessive at times, which can border on the bizarre.

What they’re relying on is they reacting to their previous patterns which worked for them in the past. So regardless of what you do in your life, you can also adopt some of these actions, just to start your own day off better.

Applying These Rituals To Business
In business, as a leader, what you do is set the pace for your employees and the rest of the organization, your company or whomever you work for, which is a direct reflection of you.

So what you need to do is sharpen your environment and heighten your awareness level by peaking yourself first, beginning at the start of every day.

Steps To Take To Get Yourself Into The Zone
Treating Your Body Well When Getting Out Of Bed – What your body needs immediately once you wake up from your slumber is movement, protein, and water. This since the body is working throughout the night as it desperately needs to complete its cycles.

So once awakening, begin by drinking a tall fresh glass of water, at least 10 to 16 ounces is recommended, as what the fluid does is it activates all of the vital organs in the body.

Then you need to add protein for nourishment, it should be the first thing that you feed yourself, this before you going out for a morning jog or to the fitness class for a workout. Just a light protein shake will do. The remainder of the food pyramid remains open, this even if you eat light breakfasts, but adding protein is vitally important.

What moving the body does is it gets the blood circulating, clearing out the cobwebs in the mind while releasing energy. Any type of workout involving weights or doing cardio are excellent starts.

At times, just a few minutes of stretching may be all the time you have, so that should suffice. Regardless, make sure that you do some type of body movement the first 30 minutes once you wake up.

Gearing Up The Brain And The Mind – What your brain needs is to focus, otherwise you’ll begin wasting too much time and energy during the most productive hours of the morning and then the rest of the day.

The most effective of CEOs and business owners are all known to initially focus on just one or two “macro” things. The vital issues which needs attention, whatever needs to get done will get their undivided attention until completion.


This is usually a big task or project, but from the moment that they wake and before the day’s completed, they’ll throw every available effort and resource into that one task.

The majority of us will measure our days in volume but not in scale. Things that we need to get accomplished on our list, rather than bothering to focus on how important that one “big” item should be.

So pick and decide the biggest thing that you need to accomplish for the day, and then begin your morning by focusing on that task as your first thought once you wake up.

Having The Proper Attitude – One important phase of putting yourself in the proper zone is by achieving the proper alignment of your core energy, as well as your positive emotions.

One of the best ways to do so is through the simple action and reflection of gratitude. So become grateful, be aware and thankful of what you have and accomplished, as a centering action.

What doing so does is it begins your day with energy and a calming effect. And once you greet your employees or clients throughout the day, you should be including them in your reflections as well.

Then, it will feel like once you interact with them that there’s a purpose, which makes for a better exchange, this regardless of what the circumstances may be.

The Top Performers
The very best professionals, the top performers in their respective fields, the athletes, entrepreneurs, or business owners will always begin their day by putting themselves in the zone.

So what you need to do is decide how you can do the same with your particular body, mind, and spirit, and then follow what that is for having a better day, every day.

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