Google Places For Business Improves Their Search Results

google places for local searchThe pace and race for dominance on the Web is getting even quicker as there’s a lot more users which are accessing the Internet using mobile based devices primarily when they’re out and on-the-go. So it’s extremely important that they have all the vital and necessary information which is readily available to them as quick and instant as possible. As a result, Google Search has made some significant tweaks to help these busy on the run users to be able to conduct accurate searches for finding local businesses.

The basis of making these changes are designated towards making it easier as well as faster to offer query results and answering questions regarding local neighborhood businesses such as: hotels and restaurants, museums and landmarks, and other nearby local attractions or services such as shopping and transportation.

Google Still Does Search Best
Google has a firm understanding of searching habits and has noted that the majority of users while on their mobiles will search for either a specific location so they can find more information, such as reviews, or be more generalized and search for other comparable businesses which has the potential to fit their search criteria in a specific defined location.

So their attempt is to make all of these common searches a lot more meaningful and relevant for consumers along with businesses alike. Google has also enhanced the appearance of their SERPs to tailor for the local businesses and services.

Better Local Results
Now, when you perform a search for a specific local business, it should pull up more than just the previously standard “results” page which sent the users to a particular businesses site. This because there’s now a new panel directly to the right of the search results.

The Google Map will show the exact location of the business along with providing additional information which supplements the search. The most immediate and noticeable difference are the pictures of the establishment located directly below the map.

These images will virtually transport the searcher directly to, for instance, say the restaurant in question by utilizing Google Maps “street view.” The viewer then has the opportunity to view the exterior of the establishment along with taking a “peek” inside the business as well. This can be extremely helpful for those mobile user who are looking for a particular atmosphere inside a restaurant or a bar.

Enhanced Google Places
Also, what’s provided is a direct link to the business via their Google Places page. The users however practically don’t really need to go there unless they’re looking for more information such as additional reviews etc.

This is because directly below the map along with the pictures, there’s a new Google’s “Details” feature, which provides helpful info such as hours of operation, price range, transit and much more.

When users are searching for a particular type of business in a certain area, as opposed to say a specific business by name, Google has now made it a lot easier to compare what options they have with just a simple SERP scan.

So if you simply hover directly over the “>>” symbol which is to the right of the options which are listed, it’ll bring up the same type of detail which is found when the user is conducting business specific type of searches.

These changes by Google are extremely useful for the consumers, but can offer greater benefits for local businesses. In the past, it was necessary to place a heavy emphasis on SEO to be able to stand out from the competition and crowd while on Google’s SERPs. But since Google is now becoming extremely local business-friendly, it’ll be a lot easier to appeal to their potential customers with a strong Google’s Places profile.

But all this may not matter if the business already has a strong SEO presence, since that still is the primary method of making your presence in Google’s SERPs. It does however give these businesses an opportunity to easily differentiate and stand out from their direct local competition in the neighborhood in a way that’s a lot more suited to what the consumers are searching for.

The information which is readily available to the searchers will depend solely on how much these businesses decide to put on their online profile. So it’s a critical factor how businesses dress up their Google Place’s page. You should be providing as much detailed user friendly information as possible to help you in standing out and promoting your unique brand or message to the potential customers. Go mobile.

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