How To Fight Off Those Negative Forces Before Becoming Great

living your own lifeWhat’s not possible is attempting to be positive all the times under every circumstance, as that’s just a fact of life that we all need to accept. Things will never go as planned. We can however set up warning signals and safety nets by developing better habits.

We all strive to place ourselves on the road to becoming better, to hopefully master this thing called life, our life, and all of the circumstances surrounding it. All this while on the quest to find happiness, ultimate success, love, and abundance in our daily living.

As we grow older, our lives are the direct result of the habits that we adopt. So if you have a ritual of working out, meditating, or reading, this first thing in the morning, then you’re setting yourself up for a day of positive structure.

But some will continue to stumble out of bed just before noon, wolf down donuts or day old pizza, while surfing their Facebook newsfeed. Their lives will continue down the same spiral of destruction, becoming miserable.

Getting Better Everyday
To get better on a daily basis, to become the best you can is a sacrifice that you need to make, but this doesn’t mean that you need to give up on everything that you love to do.

What the forgiving world we live in does is gives us second chances, opportunities to hit the “reset” button to get it right, to build a better life once we do the work that makes us happy. It’s just a matter of making the sacrifices to stop what doesn’t serve you.

Never Hold Grudges
Holding grudges are daggers to the soul, as holding on to anger is like grasping a hot lump of coal with the intention of throwing it at someone you don’t like, but it’s your hands that get burnt.

This doesn’t mean that once someone does injustice, that you should dismiss it or pretend it never happened. All it means is never allow it to fester in your memory when judging the future actions of the person who did you wrong.

Life is a series of mistakes, as we all make them, as we’ve all let someone down somewhere at one time or another. This is the human condition. So just forgive yourself and others as quickly as possible, and do things differently next time.

Think What’s Missing In Your Life
You’ll never be perfect and if you were, that would make you quite boring. Everyone has their deficiencies. If you were perfect, then you would have no goals to work towards. There would be no reason or motivation to challenge yourself to get better.

So instead of focusing on what’s deficit in your life, focus instead on what you have. Learn to become more grateful, this not because others are worse off than you, but because you’re able to choose what you’re happy about.

Never Focus On What Others Say
Who really cares what others think or say about of you, that’s their opinion and station in life, and not yours. The only exception is if someone acknowledges something good that you did, then show your gratitude.

Once you expose yourself to enough people, regardless of what you say or do, not everyone will agree with you, not everyone is going to like you.

That’s their problem and not yours. So just focus on those who’ll support you, while ignoring those who’ll detriment you.

Just learn to take all the criticism in stride as tough love. If someone dislikes however, you shouldn’t be completely ignoring them either. Know the difference between a malicious attack and constructive criticism.

Confrontation Without Anger
There are times when you need to stand up for yourself, a friend who constantly wants something, that annoying boss who’s too overbearing, or that co-worker who constantly sabotages or takes credit for your work.

Once these situations arises, most often, they won’t go away by you attempting to avoid them. You need to put up your human deflection shield and man up. You need to diffuse the confrontational situation.


Begin by not holding a grudge, although it can be difficult when someone is attempting to sabotage your life. At times, they don’t even realize they’re terrorizing you. So just tell them up front face to face, that their actions are affecting your life.

What you should never do is seek out this confrontation, as you’ll rarely win any arguments with someone who’s accustomed to creating this type of distress intentionally, who likes to troll.

This occurs more commonly when dealing with those who are usually more rational, or those who you need to deal with on a daily basis. If you’re in line at the coffee shop, and someone you don’t know suddenly jumps the queue, let it go.

Waiting For The Perfect Opportunity
Time is forever in perpetual forward motion and doesn’t wait for anyone. You’ll either run out of money, time, or good health. Time doesn’t care about you. So fulfill all of your goals and dreams by taking action right now.

Don’t keep waiting until you have more skills, more information, or more money. Just calculate your risk the best you can, throw caution in the wind and then jump in, take that leap of faith.

You may first stumble and fall, fail, you might embarrass yourself badly, but at least you know you’re doing it, and striving towards living to your fullest potential.

So if you’re wanting to do something, you have dreams, then there’s no point in waiting for that perfect time, as tomorrow never comes. So just go for it, jump in and make it happen, and then you’re living life on your terms.

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