How To Gain And Influence Friends On Facebook Without Annoying

a funny facebook timeline pictureThe reactions that you receive on Facebook, you’re affected by them. You instantly read the comments as well as leave feedback on your friends walls, or comment on complete strangers who appear on your news feed.

What they comment is vital to you as it’s your life line to anything that resembles a social life. You allow Facebook to dictate your behavior. If this is the case, here’s some time tested ways to become popular on Facebook.

Timing Your Updates As Precisely As Possible
If you have anything important to say, you should never be posting on Facebook on a Friday or Saturday evening. These are the times that the majority of your friends are out, enjoying their life.

The majority believe that they should be having a “good time,” as they’re out on the town, enjoying their companionship, away from Facebook. This should be the case with you as well, even if you’re at home, silently reading your news feed in the dark.

Limiting Your Updates
If you scour the Internet and then constantly post all the “funny pics,” or cute pictures of your pets or kids, constantly, at all times of the day, or constantly update your Timeline photo, then your friends will just begin ignoring you.

But if you decide to make selective posts, making important posts just on occasion, most will enjoy hearing from you, and will usually acknowledge your existence as well as reaffirming their bond with you.

It’s the same as meeting an acquaintance in real life on a daily basis, versus once every month. They wonder what you’re doing, so stay a tad mysterious. Another benefit of posting just on occasion is that others will think that your rare updates are important to you.


Post Mostly About Controversial Issues
Always post about things which are only mildly positive, which aren’t beyond the scope or reach so most people can relate to them. Offer them both the good as well as the bad simultaneously, with a definite potential downside to make them think either way. Keep them on edge.

Avoid making others on Facebook feel insecure or envious, or like they’re being left out or left behind. So unless you’re able to pin it down to luck or long standing suffering, posting any of your real achievements or successes is a complete turnoff for most.

Try Being Self Deprecating On Occasion
This will encourage others to come to your rescue or “cause” while removing the sting or bitterness from any insecurity or envy which you may of created, by you showing off or gloating. Even if everyone could see right through you, they’re usually appreciative of your efforts by pretending that you’re sparing their feelings.

Try Asking For Some Genuine Advice
People just love giving advice, reinforcement, or an opinion. So try limiting yourself to topics which are completely trivial or universal so that everyone can give it their best two-bits.

Bandwagon Jumping
If there’s something that’s viral in the news headlines, such as an important sporting event, or the latest celebrity gossip, make sure that you mention it. What may be even better is forming a question surrounding it. People will usually have already given it some thought and will have an opinion, so they’ll be keen to share it.

Make Sure Your Updates Are Concise
People who skim through their News Feeds don’t have the time to read through all of the long winded ramblings or your poorly written updates, forcing them to click through to an external site. Even if they do, they’ll usually be reluctant to admit it. Everyone wants to appear as busy as possible.

Using The Help Of A Friend
Get one of your friends, or if you have multiple Facebook profiles in your household, then immediately “Like” or “Share” your latest update, as well as even commenting on it. This gives the impression that there’s some substance to the update as well as placing pressure on others to follow suit and like your post.

Attracting Sympathy
Go ahead and complain or whine about something such as suddenly coming down with the flu, or having to work through the weekend when it’s sunny outside. People will usually queue in line to come and stroke you and offer their sympathy.

Making Others Feel Sorry For You
This is similar to seeking sympathy, by not quite the same. Make a post which will make people feel a little sorry for you, then watch them come in droves to jump to your rescue offering their help.

Getting Drunk And Appearing Hungover
Even if you’re not, yes, this is pathetic, but most can relate to you. Write a post as if your drunk and under the influence. This is an extremely popular method of gaining attraction, this since it’s “fun” to do and everybody knows the feeling.


Post Something “Awww” Inspiring
If everything else fails then post a picture of a cute baby, puppies up for adoption, kittens telling meme jokes, etc., which is bound to get the “awww” or a chuckle out of most. This especially if an animal or a baby is doing something that a human adult would do or can relate to. No one loses when they peddle vulnerability.

These tips for “How To Be Popular On Facebook” are proven to work if you’re wanting to be the most popular belle at the Facebook ball. Most however wouldn’t be caught dead using these tactics to gain popularity on Facebook.


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