How To Invigorate Your Work Week By Energizing Weekends

thank you its FridayWhat the working world is slowly transforming to is working less while getting just as, or more work done. Isn’t that the ideal life. Some claim the definition of success is lazing on the beach with their laptops, while making more money than executives.

Some will remain with their young children, earning an income while working from home. But most remain in the rat hole that’s called working for a living, slaving away, so the only appeal is the savior that’s call the weekend. Everyone works for the weekend.

There are studies which support that productivity declines sharply when working in excess of 50 hours per week, or working on the weekends, where it can reach a glut. Working 75 hours per week, actually gets the same amount of work done as working 50 hours.

What the most successful of individuals know is the importance of shifting gears and knowing when to relax, this once the clock hits 5PM, especially on the weekends, this by doing abstract and rejuvenating activities.

For the majority however, it’s is easier said than done although possible. There are certain protocols that most will do to find balance, this especially at the end of the week, so they’ll be fully recharged come Monday morning.

Complete Disconnection
Mentally removing oneself is a vital action on the weekends, this especially since it’s now impossible to electronically remove yourself, as if you’ve never left work.

Making yourself available 24/7 exposes you to a barrage of stress triggers which prevents you from recharging and refocusing. If needing to handle work e-mails or calls is not realistic, then try to designate specific times such as Sunday night for these tasks.

Minimizing The Chores
What mundane chores can do is take over your entire weekend, robbing you of the opportunity to unwind and reflect. What contributes to this is that chores sounds much like work, especially if you spend your entire weekend doing them.

So to avoid this from happening, try scheduling your chores like you would your other work during the week. If you’re not able to complete them during an allotted time, then reschedule them for the following week.

Reflect And Look Forward
What reflecting on a weekly basis does is it becomes a powerful tool for improvement. So reserve time on the weekends to contemplate on the bigger forces which are shaping your company, industry, and your job.

Without the distractions of doing the day to day tasks during the workday, you can then step back and see things from a different perspective. Then use this insight to renovate your approach for the upcoming week, improving the efficiency of your work.

Mind Altering Activities
Such as exercising if you don’t have the time during the week. What you have is a 48 hour canvas on the weekends to do whatever you like. So get your body and mind moving, even for 30 minutes, as doing so releases neurotransmitters which reduces stress.

Exercise is an excellent mind altering event, where you can jolt your brain to come up with new ideas and breakthroughs. What being at the gym or outdoors does is forces creativity.

The most brilliant of ideas can come while jogging, while pounding the pavement, as the combination of the beautiful scenery and the cardio activity, rejuvenates the mind.

Whether you run, bike, or mountain climb, what exercising infuses are endorphin fueled introspection that you may not have time for during the week. The key is finding a physical activity that you enjoy doing and look forward to.

Chase A Passion
You’ll be surprised how refreshing it is, to pursue something that you’re completely passionate about on the weekends. Indulging in passions is an excellent passage to escaping stress, while exposing your mind to new ways of thinking.

Events of interest such as writing, painting, playing music, a sporting event, or just playing with your kids can help keep your mind off work, while stimulating different modes of thought which can reap huge dividends.


Spending Time With Family And Friends
Spending quality time with your friends, family, or pets on the weekend is essential to recharge, refresh, and relax. Some will make it a point to be at home on the weekends, or make it a priority to have a family dinner every Sunday, regardless.

Weekdays can be extremely hectic, which affords little quality personal time. So don’t allow this to bleed into your weekends, this by taking the time to enjoy this downtime with your loved ones.

Plan Mini Excursions
Go to the cabin on the lake, go see a concert, go see a sporting event. Do something that you haven’t done in a while. What’s known is that anticipating something exciting is about to happen, significantly increases that event to be more pleasurable.

Knowing midweek that you have something fun planned for this Saturday, not only will be more enjoyable as the day arrives, but also improves your mood and productivity during the week.

Designate Some Me Time
It can be difficult reserving some time for yourself on the weekends. So make it a priority to engage in an activity that you love doing such as golfing, first thing in the morning.

Because it keeps your biorhythms in check by waking up at the same time every morning, continue to do so on Saturday morning and do something invigorating, as that’s your peak performance time.

Then Plan Your Upcoming Week
Sometime during the weekend, such as Sunday night is an excellent time to plan your upcoming week. All it takes is 30 minutes to outline your work week ahead, which will improve productivity while reducing stress.

The week will feel a lot more aligned and manageable once you have a plan, this because all you then need to do is focus and execute.

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