How To Make New Friends By Phoning In Sick

ifIamnotgoingtobethinthen please make my friends fatThere is something bright and refreshing about being able to wake up and greeting the new day with a yawn, you put on your favorite summer comfy clothing and then just allow your instincts to drift you through the day, but then you remember you need to go to work.

So when was the last time you took a day off work, phoned in “sick,” just to be able to chill out, hang out with your friends over a latte, and just be utterly aimless. The chances are good that if you happened to of missed a day off work, it was because your were actually really sick and bed bound, or you had to go to the dentist, or take your dog to the veterinarian. What fun is that!

Face it, having fun, enjoying just a lazy day with your friends is usually the first thing that gets crossed off your list if and when you become busy with “real life chores” such as work or family. How can you even expect to be fully functional and productive members of society if you don’t kick back and blow off a bit of steam every once in a while.

Most often, people will turn towards their significant others for entertainment or emotional support, which at one time was known as “positive strokes” back in the 1980s. But asking just one person to completely satisfy each and every one of your emotional needs and whims is pretty much unrealistic as well as unreasonable.

When you only have one close relationship, why does it have to be limited to that one person. That can potentially run the risk of boredom, resentment and stagnation. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to just have new people periodically injected into your life so then they can listen to your hilarious stories about about those people on the bus? That’s the perfect time when you need your friends.


Friends.. Who What?
You may even have trouble remembering what friends actually are. Friends are those people who we used to spend a lot of time with when we were kids. They were those like minded people of all types, sizes and shapes during recess, or going to the movies with, or camping in the great outdoors.


Yes, they were those people with whom we periodically lost all track of time with. Friends were invaluable as we would share the math homework, lend your bike to, or just hang out sipping coffee at the local diner. Through thick and thin, we were forever friends.

So why not make an attempt to reconnect with at least one of these old chums this month? It could be someone that you haven’t seen for decades, so you could spend hours on the phone just too catch up. Or maybe there’s that person you really wanted to know, connect with them by having a coffee.

Perhaps you’re one of those adults who may have kept in touch with all your previous and current friends. But when was the last time that all of you actually spent an entire day or dinner together? Sounds like an excellent friendly poker game or a potluck dinner in the making.

Just Wanna Have Fun
Don’t adopt the thought that it has to be extravagant and you’ll need to spend a bit of money to hang with your friends. Fun is spontaneous, something that often has no monetary value, but can be one of the most memorable moments of our lives.

They were the good times when we just sat around laughing, sipping wine and playing those silly board games all night. Or it was that long stroll on the seawall at sunset, talking about your wonderful plans that you have for the future. Those experiences don’t happen nearly often enough, due mainly to our restricted time constraints and schedules.

You can always use the reset button. As we grow older, friends will always drift away. They move to different areas of the city or country, they get married and have kids, they get new jobs and you can’t relate to them any longer.

Hey, this happens to everyone. Just consider yourself lucky that you can start everything from scratch once again. It really is easy to find new people that you have a lot in common with, who shares the same philosophies or you both happen to like bubblegum ice cream. The hardest part is finding the time to commit yourself to doing something, or actually just walking up to someone you don’t know and saying “Hi.”

Just Phone In “Sick”
So you found some new friends, and you’re getting some great ideas. You’re now ready to crank up the fun meter. But unfortunately everyone’s schedule is just extremely crazy busy and no one can meet until next June… If this is the case, it’s time for all of your new friends to just have a collective “phone in sick” and play hooky day.

So go ahead, do it, you deserve it. Phone your work and tell them you got the “sniffles” which is contagious, or you ate some bad food and got the 24 hour food poisoning flu. Then contact one of those old or new friends and hit the beach. You will all thank each other later.


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