How To Save More Money While Not Compromising Your Lifestyle

saving more moneyRegardless of what your salary is, how much money you have, what most are wanting is to economize more, this to preserve as much money as they can. Despite what their financial situation is, what appears is that there’s more money going out then coming in.

Almost everyone at a certain point in their lives, once they discover the true value of saving money, they go on a quest to save more of it, finding ways to cut corners. So the determination begins on searching how they can save a dollar, this anyway possible.

This is an excellent gesture and congratulations, you’ve become a fiscally responsible adult. It also doesn’t mean that you need to reduce yourself to Ramen noodles, and the beverage of choice being tap water.

Finding Ways To Save More
There are proven effective money saving strategies, which doesn’t require you to renovate your current lifestyle that much.

So if you’ve finally set your sights on saving money rather than excess careless spending, you can do so by making a few small alterations in your life.

Coupons And Rebates
Yes, this the favorite activity of frugal mom. What most manufactures will do is offer rebates, this because they know most won’t bother taking the time and effort to claim them.

When you’re shopping for products to buy, search for the ones which offers these rebates, and then make sure that you follow through by mailing them in.

Slowing Down Internet Speed
The Internet has now become an essential utility like electricity and water. That doesn’t mean that you should by paying more for it.

What Internet providers will do is attempt to lure you into the promises of lightening quick Internet speed.

Know that websites are only as fast as the server they’re hosted on, and has nothing to do with your Internet speed. So paying for faster Internet speed doesn’t increase your browsing speed.

Refinancing Credit Cards
The interest that’s charged on credit cards are one of the highest that’s collected, costing you hundreds on an annual basis.

Most credit card companies are also willing to lower this interest rate, just to keep your business. So phone your credit card provider and ask for a lower rate.

If they refuse, then search online for a credit card which has 0% APR balance transfers, then you can avoid paying higher interest than you need to.

Lower Cost Of Car Insurance
The car payment, gas, and repairs aren’t the only expenses that you need to consider, this when purchasing a new car.

The second biggest expense and often overlooked is car insurance. You should know what the rates are, this before deciding to buy that car.

Before purchasing, find the car models which are cheaper to insure, and then limit your car search to just those models. A lower monthly car insurance bill can save you thousands over the course of owning that car.

Yes Spending More
We all know you get what you pay for. You buy cheap merchandise, you get an inferior product. So when purchasing major appliances, spend a bit more on quality, by getting one that’s reliable.


This will save you money in the long run, as you’ll avoid expensive and frustrating repairs, this usually the next day after the warranty runs out.

The more reputable appliances are also designed better to conserve more water and electricity, which offers additional savings over the lifespan of the appliance.

Using Online Promo Codes
E-commerce on the Internet is a reality and there’s massive competition. So when you purchase anything online, there’s always some type of promo code such as free shipping.

What most will do is ignore taking advantage of this money saving feature. All that’s required is to Google “promo codes” on the product, this before you begin shopping.

One type of promo code is “free charge” code. What a FC code gives you is a discount once you refill a prepaid cell or gift card online.

Using FC offers are usually as simple as just downloading a coupon code, and then just recharging your cards through the FC website.

Entertainment Costs
One of the biggest expenses is entertaining yourself. This could be unwinding from a stressful day with a book or a movie, to having cocktails with the gang.

These types of entertainment expenses don’t need to cost you that much however, as most libraries offer movie rentals, or you could meet your coworkers at the local gym, and also benefit by getting fit.

Have A Shopping List
Every grocery store is scientifically laid out so you’ll impulse shop more. So try to avoid this easy temptation.

The best way is to develop tunnel vision by making a shopping list beforehand, and then sticking to it. To not miss anything on sale, check out the weekly flyer on all the deals before going to the store.

Eating Smarter
What most will do is eat out a few times a week. What’s obvious is that eating at home is the best way to save money.

But if you insist on eating out, then order your meal to go, as most restaurants will accommodate this, allowing you to takeout your food. Once you bring the food home, what you’re avoiding are the costly drinks and saving the tip.

Getting In Better Shape
Getting fit not only makes you feel better, but it can also save you money as well. Working out is affordable, especially if you avoid the boutique gyms, as most workouts can be done outdoors for free.

So go out for a walk or a jog. What getting in shape does is lowers your medical expenses, while getting you lower life insurance rates as well.

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