Know All Of The Alarm Bells And Hazards Of Impulse Shopping

posing yoga at the mallGoing out on a shopping spree is an escape for most, the perfect excuse especially during special occasions, as there’s always a list of things to buy. This for the people that you love, and also a little something for yourself, a reward for shopping so hard.

The problem becomes that you keep on shopping. You’ve bought everything on your list, but you also buy that jacket for yourself that you want, but don’t really need. Your credit cards don’t help as they make it easier, inviting you to spend more than you should be.

Then you see the damage, the aftermath of what you’ve done and then go into depression mode. It happens every year at this time, for others every month. You look at the dollars that’s owing, and then wonder why or how you spent so much.

This occurs much too often, this after the shopping’s done, as we don’t know why we bought that certain something which eventually ends up in the closet, with the tags still intact, still inside their original shopping bags.

So a new method for cure has been developed. This a way on how you can continue to enjoy the shopping experience even more than ever before, a way to feel completely satisfied, while buying just a fraction of all the things that you need, or must buy.

How To Spend Less While Having More Fun
Begin by taking a moment and looking inside your brain. It’s that area hidden deep inside the region which is the alarm center, known as the amygdala, which works to keep us safe and alert.

But it also has a habit of allowing us to drive ourselves to do something, anything, this to give ourselves relief when we begin to get stressed out with anxiety or fright.


Picture that alarm in your head going from a mild wake-up call, escalating to a blazing five alarm emergency siren, this once the stress begins to compound.

You’re already becoming overwhelmed with anxiety because of the change in weather, the parties that you need to attend, the work deadlines, the pressure of buying that perfect gift.

Then add the usual stresses in life such as smart phones going off, needing to work overtime, poor commute because of snow, and the eternal challenges which are children and family. Stress, just thinking about it, begins to escalate the alarm.

The Alarm Bells Are Ringing
This is however completely normal. It doesn’t mean that you’re losing your mind, that you’ve finally went over the edge. In fact, what it means is that this particular part of your brain is working fine.

Then the problem is that you go shopping thinking to calm yourself down, to make yourself feel better, then you end up buying something you don’t need. That purchase however, makes you feel better, it gives you that feeling of relief.

So you say to yourself, “Finally, this is exactly what I needed” or “It’s the bargain of the year!” It’s an instant release from all of the stresses in your life.

But this is the point. You’re not impulse shopping because there’s something wrong with you, but there’s something that’s wrong with relying on this impulse shopping as a way of relieving the stress and anxiety in your life.

So there’s another option. Instead of being motivated by that alarm in your head and then buying something you don’t need, take a step back and regain your focus on what’s most important to you.

Just Reset The Alarm Button
This technique is something that you can practice during the day. Whenever you need it, it’ll be there for you.

Begin by taking a step back and then clear your mind, let go of trying to solve every problem in your world. Step back for a few moments. This could be taking a short walk, taking a few deep breaths, relaxing all of the tense areas in your body.


Get up and stretch, whatever it is that enables you to sweep out your mind and think clearly for a few moments. What doing so does is the begins to reset the alarm.

While you wouldn’t go into your favorite yoga pose while in a board meeting or at a crowded shopping mall whenever you’re stressed, but do so in your mind. It might just inspire a yoga flash mob.

Then orient yourself to what you deeply value and believe in for a few moments. You can do so by making a conscious choice of thinking about, or visualizing what’s most important to you.

A value to think about is something like, “I’ll only purchase just what I really need” or, “I really value saving more of my money.”

A belief can be something like, “I’m someone who loves to shop, but will spend wisely.”

Re-connect with who you are. This is completely possible to do within a matter of seconds provided that you practice. When you become oriented, you’ve then disengaged yourself from immediate reactions to what you value the most, and this is the one thing which turns down the alarm in your head.

Practice Makes Perfect
Don’t wait until you’re under stress to use this method. The best is practicing during the day when you’re not stressed. Take a few minutes to sweep your mind, orientate yourself by focusing on just one thing, and then check your level of orientation and stress level.

Then, when you’re faced with the dilemma of impulse buying, step back and decide whether you’re spending just because you’re stressed out, or because you’re creating a lasting pleasure from buying something that’s worthwhile.


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