Pinterest How Get An Invite Setting Up An Account On Pinterest

get an invite to PinterestWhat you first need to do is either ask for an account directly through Pinterest or get an invite by an already registered member of Pinterest to send you an invitation to join.

At this time, these are the only two methods for you to gain access to the site. The waiting list and length of time for you to get accepted varies, so your patience may be needed. However, if you happen to get an exclusive invite from a member friend of yours, then you may be able to avoid the waiting list.

Once you’re’ accepted, you’ll then need to go to Pinterest’s homepage by accessing your Facebook Timeline or Twitter account to register. When you log in to Pinterest’s main page, you’ll then be asked to find some interests that you want to follow.

The categories range anywhere from art to products, technology to services and everything in between. There are no set limits to the number of categories or topics that you want to follow by Pinning.

Changing Account Preferences On Pinterest
Any time you feel that you’d like to change your account settings, you can do so by going directly to your profile which is located at the top right of the Membership Toolbar.

Once you locate the settings button, then you can make any changes that you want on your profile. Along with the settings button, you’ll also find other options such as inviting your friends, finding friends, boards and pins etc. You can use all these tools to interact with the other Pinners (or are they Pinheads?)

Keep in mind that some of the actions are irreversible, such as if you deactivate your account. If you ever attempt to forever leave Pinterest, the warnings that are activated makes you really need to think twice if you want to do so. What it does is it will list the reasons and options that you can choose, hopefully encouraging you to stay with Pinterest.


You also have other options such as changing your email address to something less formal. For instance, if you’re using a company email, you can then change that to a personal one such as gmail.

On the email settings, you can also easily customize a lot of options from your “likes” to “group” pins. Once you’ve finished tweaking the setting of your account, hit the save settings button.

Further Adjusting Your Pinterest Settings
Going back to the main settings page on the notification section, you can also easily change your name from say Susan to Super Shopper Sue if you want. The last name can also be changed as well.

The about section of Pinterest is your fame frame, it’s a permanent fixture which describes who you are. You can always change it whenever you want to suit your needs or status. You can also add your personal blog or your business website in the URL box, which is located directly after the location box.

Like other social media networking sites, you can add an image or just leave it blank. You can have your Pinterest account linked to either your Facebook Timeline or your Twitter account. You can also opt to interact with the outside Internet world by turning on the “visibility” tab, or you can choose to keep it turned off for privacy, which then your Pinterest account will be visible only to you.

How To Use Pinterest
Social media as well as the various networking sites has made our online lives extremely convenient. Google+, Twitter, Facebook are all popular outlets.

However, Pinterest is a social networking site which is rapidly beginning to dominate as a leader on the social media scene with a growing number of members. Most may still be a little unfamiliar with Pinterest and have absolutely no idea how they can use it to their advantage. So here’s a breakdown on understanding and then using Pinterest.

First Of All… What Is Pinterest
Pinterest is a social networking site which allows their members to “pin” and then share all of their favorite images. You can then organize all of these pictures in different categories. Whenever you happen to pin something, all of your followers will be automatically updated.

You can pin a particular product, brand or service, then make a comment on it and then re-pin it to the masses. Pinterest has recently gained tremendous popularity primarily because of the potential it presents as an extremely targeted marketing vehicle.

Business owners and marketers are able to pin images of their new products, they can also provide a link to every product image that they pin. So as a result, what it does is it will re-direct anyone who’s interested in one of their products to land on their external e-commerce or product page site or blog on the Internet.


To drive additional traffic to your site, you’ll also need to know the various steps to take full advantage of what Pinterest has to offer.

Does Integrating Pinterest With Facebook Or Twitter Matter
The main reason why Pinterest has experienced this recent explosive growth is because of its integration with other major social media networking sites. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are extremely popular with an enormous following.

The majority of members on Facebook now spends a lot of their online time on the social networking site. So what Pinterest did was they included an App for Facebook, which gives the Facebook users direct access to their page.

So logging into Pinterest becomes an easy and effortless task which instantly integrates with all your favorite social media sites such as Facebook, and it makes it extremely beneficial for both sites virally.

The members who are on the users contact list are able to view all of their Pins and Likes via FriendFeed. It could also promote them to check a certain brand or product, just out of sheer curiosity and may even make them a follower as well.

All of these social media sites such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter are increasingly leaning towards becoming marketing tools, so Pinterest just smooths out the process.

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