Pinterest How To Build And Establish Your Brand On Pinterest

buildingyourbrandonPinterestSo you’ve got a new Pinterest account, you’ve tweaked the settings to your liking and are now ready to brand and market your business, or begin placing your various products on it. If done properly, Pinterest can open a brand new social orientated avenue for you to generate focused traffic to your sites.

What you can do is begin building your particular “brand” for your business which will attract exposure towards your content, product or service which your company offers. To begin doing so, create a bulletin board and then name it appropriately. You can name it for instance, “Designer Clothing Samples.”

What you’ll want to do is create an unique and identifiable name which will properly associate your business name, product or brand. Make sure that it also accurately matches with the keywords which you’re using on the photo description of the products.

What Are Photo Descriptions
A Photo Description on Pinterest refers to a representation in micro form of the images advertisement identity, so it should be precisely described in rich keyword terms exactly what the product is or does, along with the option of pricing the product as well.

If you do decide to add a price with a dollar sign “$” on the image, what Pinterest will then do is automatically drag that photo into the “Gift” section, which should attract additional potential interest.

For instance, say that you’re a game developer who’s selling games for the XBox. Then a “Photo Description” could be something like the following, “Alien Resident Evil Rock And Sockem 10, For The XBox, Brand New $19,” along with using a few other relevant and descriptive keywords.

Your bulletin board name on Pinterest could something like “Fun XBox Games,” which could also be used as a tag word on the images. You will also want to provide a link on the photo directly back to your ecommerce site product page or blog for that product, allowing the consumer to get additional information or to purchase the product.


Make sure that you make the descriptions short, precise and as catchy as possible for your viewers to instantly absorb the information once they see the image and description.

Interacting While On Pinterest
Once Pinterest captures your products “Photo Description” and moves it to the gift section, then there’s an additional step that you can take. The secondary process is the social networking and marketing component that’s needed. What this intends you to do is build up your Pinterest network by gathering followers, similar to what you do on Facebook or Twitter.

First, go out and find other members on Pinterest with similar interests to yours and then begin following them. You can comment on their image or re-pin a few of their photos. So what you’re doing is networking with that particular “pinner” by directly interacting with them.

What the majority of Pinners aren’t currently doing since this is such a new concept is not directly interacting back with their followers, or not bothering to network with them at all. If you are neglecting this as well, then it’s slowing down your recognition presence on Pinterest.

Acknowledge Your Followers
It’s recommended that you acknowledge your new followers regardless of who they are by making sure that you welcome them. This way, you’re showing your appreciation towards your supporters, as doing so has its benefits. This personal interaction will insure that you will build up your followers base.

Also make sure that you have all of your products on your ecommerce page or blog “pinnable” on your sites. All of the followers that you have on Pinterest are more than likely to eventually visit your external site to view your products, or read your articles especially if you’ve fully optimized the images.

You can also write a blog post about your latest greatest product offer by mentioning the images which you’re showcasing on Pinterest, and make sure that you have them available on your profile.

What you can also do is link your Pinterest account directly to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Doing so will boost additional visitor traffic from all your friends and followers from these other social media sites directly to your Pinterest account.

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