Face To Face Networking Is Still Your Best Professional Skill

social networking for businessNetworking has always traditionally been promoted as an essential business tool as well as a personal social skill. There’s really no disputing that professional online social networking and personal face-to-face interaction has now become fundamentally important to be successful.

So what’s provided are tips collected from professional life trainers, promoters, collaborators who are all experts in positive networking practices and skills:

There’s Nothing Wrong With My Networking… Really!
You need to realize that because of the ease of going online, then looking at a computer screen all day, which gives …

It’s Mr. Facebook To You As ‘The Social Network’ Dominates

facebook thesocial-networkThere was a lot of discussion the past few months when Google introduced their latest and greatest search feature called Google Instant. To some, it was a pretty significant and revolutionary feature that made a lot of marketers wonder where SEO, as well as Internet advertising was headed. Around the same time, Google also announced that they were planning to begin shifting away from ‘Search’ to be more ‘Social’ based.

There was a turning point sometime in 2010, by whomever tracks these stats, that Facebook actually surpassed Google in …

The Distributed Web: Are Websites Becoming Obsolete and Irreverent

distributed web social-networkRemember the day not too long ago when you analyzed your websites traffic patterns, and discovered that the majority of your visitors were not entering through your homepage? Instead, they were finding your site through other secondary pages, such as your product page, based on specific search engine queries. You realized that your homepage was no longer the focal point of your website, as entry was from a variety of points. You can blame this on the Distributed Web.

The Distributed Web was once a ‘buzz’ word that may …

The New Web 3.0 – Man Will Finally Control The Machine

web 3.0 surferIt’s been approximately 25 years now, that the internet initially evolved from a tiny little network in a gigantic room, into an electronic god, who knows all and sees all. The net has all the questions and answers, and is being used by almost every consumer as well as business in the developed world.

And every year that has passed, the net has evolved enough to meet the demands and expectations of each and every user, including the demands and the visions of developers. The internet has become bigger, quicker …