The Best Free Office Productivity Software For Your Small Business

thebestfreeproductvitysoftwareYes, free productivity software for your home or office has a nice ring to it. These gratis app downloads will help you immensely in streamlining your online connections as well as assisting you in getting completely organized and efficient.

These free downloadable productivity software selections will help in getting yourself away from the handcuffs of the at times infuriatingly as well as complex and costly “Big Brand” Office suite products.

If you weren’t aware, there was a recent split between the consensus freebie favorite, OpenOffice and Oracle. But fortunately another product, LibreOffice is a new spinoff and a completely free Office Suite which can rival Microsoft.

This software download includes a fully functional word processor, an excellent spreadsheet program, an online presentation builder, a database program, an adequate drawing pad and an easy to use equation editor.

The LibreOffice v3.3 also offers excellent support for Microsoft Office, including MS Office XML, PDF and Open Document Format. Although there are bigger plans for future upgraded versions of LibreOffice, this current version focuses on compatibility as well as consistency. This is an excellent free all-purpose professional office suite similar to favorite OpenOffice. It also has a portable version as well.

If your word processing needs are pretty much basic, then you can get away with this free Word Processor, AbiWord. It has an easy to use interface without all of the annoying “bells and whistles” such as using various multilevel menus.

Instead, it gives you a clean slate of icons as well as functional menus spaced along the top of the page. AbiWord can also handle images, date and time, page numbers, mail merges and other related automatic text and tables.


It can’t however handle the newer .docx Office file format. But simple is genius as AbiWord is an excellent time saver for easy WP and it’s free.

Stickies is a free organizer app. This free software program packs a lot of punch when it comes to offering features. Stickies allows you to easily spread out your daily “to-do” list across your desktop, while arranging it concisely, making it visually easy to use.

Stickies supports rich text along with images. If you use an open and closed bracket such as [ ], then Stickies will automatically turn it into a checkbox, which allows you to “tick off” when you’ve finished a task.

You can also set alarms for time sensitive Stickies as well as browse or search all written closed or open notes. If you have sensitive in­­formation written on a sticky and want to keep it private, you can manually delete the info yourself.

If you happen to be a using Google Docs for creating word processing docs, or your creating spreadsheets, you may feel more comfortable if you’re using Microsoft’s Office suite on your desktop instead.

To get that same comfort level of private desktop editing as well as using the convenience of keeping all of your files stored in the cloud, you can then give Syncdocs free app a try.

This program is able to upload as well as download your files automatically and efficiently in the background whenever the program detects any changes in your files.

If you happen to collaborate with any other users, Syncdocs will then process the revision history while keeping the files and the folders which the others share with you synchronized.

The only drawback of using Syncdocs is that it leaves you at the reliability of your Internet connection as well as it’s upload speeds. If your service is slow, you may then be waiting for some lengthy transfer times.

Using this free excellent software download, you can create PDFs for screen reading, ebook creation, printing, and pre-press composition. PrimoPDF is conveniently located on your printer list, so when you’re wanting to “Print” out a document, the Primo­PDF window will pop up.


The format options are easily laid out, allowing you to include document properties such as the authors name or keywords. The program also allows you to use 40-bit or 128-bit encryption, which secures your PDF. This can come in handy when you publish an ebook and you want to protect it from free distribution. It also comes in handy when you want an internal document to be read by just certain people. Another excellent feature allows you to decide whether the readers can print it out or “Copy and Paste” the PDF’s text or graphics, alter the content or add comments. Amazing app and it’s free.

PagePlus Starter Edition
Microsoft Word and their advanced formatting as well as layout features are not really that intuitive, and your precisely laid out doc can easily become a chaotic mess.

PagePlus Starter Edition is a free desktop publishing and page layout program which is virtual miles easier to use if you’re using fancy designs or embedded images and sidebars etc.

The program offers a wide range of menus items and options which reveals a host of great features, such as different types of picture frames, tools for the inserting of tables, free-form text paths, and much much more. And yes, it’s free!

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